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Fucka Double Down

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as sickening as the Ddown from kfc sounds, id rather eat that then this thing. never even really heard of this place either.




*edit: im actually now thinking it might be good, with another slice of ched on the patty.

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...so its a cheese burger with 2 extra peices of bread


they shoulda put the burger on top, and bottom, and the grilled cheese in the middle

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This message is hidden because 'RealityCheque' is on your ignore list.


I bet I didn't miss anything.

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caligula's version of events:


it all started when the movie super size me came out (and the book fast food nation).


then places like mcdonalds said "we are gonna start putting healthy shit on our menu, because we dont want to lose business"


so they added fruit and salad shakers and snack wraps.


kentucky fried chicken said "fuck...were gonna lose business too..lets do what mcdonalds did and get more healthier to attract business"


so they changed their name from "kentucky FRIED chicken" to "KFC" (kinda like how "british petroleum" changed their name to "bp" but it still means the same shit)


kfc also tried being healthier by offering grilled chicken.




carls jr. on the other hand said "fuck it!" they said "we dont need this healthy shit...matter of fact, we will make our burgers bigger, greasier, nastier and more fattening....we'll call them 6 dollar burgers"


so they came out with one 6 dollar burger...it sold well....then they came out with like 40 different versions of it....some with guacamole, some with bacon, some with jalapenos, some with chili cheese....etc.


all of those did well.



so mcdonalds was like "wtf?!...hows carls jr doing so well" so they went back to promoting the fattening burgers they did before.


and kfc said "damn, if carls jr did it, then so can we.....how can we make fried chicken which is already bad for you even worse for you???"


thats when kfc decided to use the fried chicken as buns and add bacon and cheese to create the double down.



now you got all types of places trying to make their food all big nasty and greasy.

and people will eat that, because people like that.


the end.

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damn...deep fried pizza doesnt look half bad!


we have deep fried snickers and deep fried mars bars here during the state fair.


oh, and deep fried twinkies.

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i try not to eat any of this shit except for

the very occasional taco bell. I mean. For the

price of some fast shit you can get something

better thats actually real food.

Go find a middle eastern hookup

and get you a couple schwarma sandwiches

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what happened to that pizza hut pizza that had stuffed crust and cheese on top? stuffed crust gold i think? shit was good.

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