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Queen's determined to hold her title


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Originally Posted by blood fart (View Original Post)



They actually made me not be able to feel emotion or be excited about anything and I just felt like a shell of a person and ended up with me attempting suicide, being in a coma in the ICU for a week and then shipped off to the nut house.


i dont care who you are, you've told me enough. try harder loser

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Try harder to do what?

Be more awesome than you?

Done and done.


Or were you saying try harder to kill myself?

Because even though my life totally rules now and I'm going on vacation to Madrid in a week and was in Zurich last weekend, I guess some loser on the internet who can't even manage to make a thread with any value what-so-ever thinks I should kill myself....well, I guess I should just go ahead and do that.

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sir patrick stewart?

sir elton john?

sounds like she knights anyone that people refer to as 'the queen'.


since when was Patrick Stewart referred to as The Queen? Elton John is A queen, again never referred to as The Queen.


Seems to me you havent got a clue what you are talking about.

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i don't keep up with that shit, i saw it on the news when i woke up. i've heard patrick stewart packs the poop, so then i thought.. elton john, and didnt they want to knight george michael as well? if england knew what was good there'd be more dentist offices

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im a fan of patrick stewart, i couldnt care less if he sucks cock or not. british people have the worst teeth, fact.. i seen tribes from national geographic with better teeth, and looser pants.

fact..england invades mad countries just to be sent home every time, with their bad teeth.

it's not my fault

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You are right, why would anyone ever want to go to Zurich? I mean Switzerland is such a shithole, it's not as if they have beautiful scenery or anything.

And you are right again, I did go to escape suicidal thoughts.

Thoughts that have held over for the last 8 years after I got off meds and changed my life around and I guess were lurking deep underneath all the happiness I feel on a daily basis.


You completely lack reading comprehension and information retention.


So you went to Jamaica for two weeks....awesome.

Did your parents send you as a graduation present?

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No thanks, I prefer to work for the things I have and not ever have to talk to hippies.

But good luck with that, everyone knows that hippie chicks are immaculate with their personal hygiene and grooming.



what? fix your teeth

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