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The A.A. Cult?


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I've had a few friends that are/have gone through the 12 steps program. I've thought about doing it myself honestly.


The one thing that stops me is that I noticed that they have completely separated themselves from anyone outside of Alcoholics Anonymous once they became regular attendees.


Now, I get that you have to stay away from "drunks" while cleaning up and whatnot, but years later, they never came back around and ALL of their friends are A.A. members now.


What really did it for me (as an Agnostic) is the fact that A.A. clams to be "spiritual, not religious". All of them now are Jesus freaks.


That led me tonight to Google search two words tonight together "AA cult".


A lot more info popped up than expected.


Here's a few links:









P.S. I'm drunk.

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i've read about AA's cult status a few times.

ultimately, i've seen it help some people out. though they might not be the same person they were before, or the same friend, i'd rather them be alive and believing differently, than be dead and not believing in anything at all.


folks are always gonna be nuts.

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I can't speak on AA.....but I used to have a really nasty hard drug habit. Real bad. I went to NA meetings infrequently for a brief period of time. Out of all the meetings I went to, a very, very small amount of the people there were religious / mentioned god in their piece on the open table. Most of the hardcore NA people seemed to just be really dedicated to the program and being of service. I don't think you can necessarily fault them for never "coming back around", especially if their addiction really devastated their lives....I had to cut a bunch of people out of my life and I can only really hang with some of my old friends every now and then because I know I'll fall right back into it like that.


I stopped going to meetings because I didn't like to be reminded day in and day out about being an addict.....a lot of times I'd leave with almost an uncontrollable urge to go use.

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AA / NA can work for people if you "work the program right" to a certain degree.

but after a while it just gets ridiculous.


i was forced to attend when i was 16. i did learn a lot about myself even though i was attending against my will. but mostly, its just people "crying in their beers" for an hour (as my dad says)


my mom has been going to this shit for over a decade and she has become completely brainwashed by it and alienated all of her life long friends.


my point is, in small doses, i think its a good thing and can and has helped a lot of people.

but when people with "addictive personalities" become addicted to going to meetings, it gets out of hand and is definitely cultish.

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They forced 3 months of this on me in a residential rehab.

AA for All Day. I basically sat around with headphones

on and drew rap letters until they let me go home. It was

a bunch of crusty junkys and crackheads that swallowed the

shit hook line and sinker to the point they were trying to get

in my business about not caring about the program. Difference

is when i got out i got my drinking and pill problems under

control from that day 3 years ago to the present and i would

put stack bets on most of them out smoking crack and slamming

dope a few days after they were released.

If you aren't religious dont waste your time. Had i given the

shit the time of day that i didn't I would have fallen flat off

as soon as they started talking that higher power shit

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AA is definitely religious, and the fucked up part is courts make you go to these basically religious meetings.


My mom's had her troubles with drinking... and AA neeevvveerrr helped her quit. They only make you feel worthless and self-blaming. AND they say alcoholism is a disease... which it's not.. it's a fucking addiction. Cancer is a disease.


Penn & Teller BullShit did an awesome episode on AA. youtube it

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yea q666. its supposed to be "spiritual" about finding

your "higher power" Which according to them can be

anything but it all reverts back to religion. At least thats

how it was where i was.


Here is the AA serenity prayer


"God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference."


Where i was may be alot different than other programs

like voluntary programs but these people were trying to

get me to prey with them talking about god. It was


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my cousin is nearing 3 years sober because of AA.


his explanation for the 'god' element is that it is simply something bigger than him. he doesn't feel like he has a relationship with that 'god' but it helps him to know that there is something greater than humans.


it works for him and he's real as fuck.

but there is the western/american aspect that translates 'god' to GOD of the NIV bible and you end up with the fanatics because they've such a pointed concept of what god can be.

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AA is definitely religious, and the fucked up part is courts make you go to these basically religious meetings.


That's a point I was trying to make when I had to go for Diversion in the mid 90s. It didn't matter, I still had to go either way.


I've noticed 12 step programs only seem to work for certain folks. I'm sure some people half-ass it, but I didn't and I'd leave meetings miserable and wanting to get loaded. My sobriety wasn't consensual or the result of a moment of clarity. All the same I stayed clean for four months in spite of how I felt because I signed a paper saying I would and I try to be good to my word.

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I had to attend 3 classes because of a DUI. I did the "book" one and two other different varieties I cant recall. It was very discomforting how touchy feely everyone is.


It is hypocritical for them to say its non-religious when every meeting I knew of was held at a church. Im not Agnostic but my religion isnt of the same one as the church. I also didnt find it right with that and even probation with having to pay Salvation Army. I mean thats a religiously run business and you cant tell me they dont get a cut.


I didnt look at the links just yet...I hate reading when Im drinking.

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i know out right that these sort of programmes just wouldn't work for me, the way I stopped drugs and heavy drinking was to just stop, if I start talking about those things I wanna go do them, also whether it is spiritual or religious then it would definitely notr work for me, as I just can't take either of those things seriously and wouldn't be able to respect the people who are trying to get me to quit.


But each to their own really, I wouldn't hate on anyone for trying it, but ultimately no programme is gonna help you quit unless you actually want to quit, most people who get sent on these courses from a court appearence are just getting it out their way so they can continue being free to be a junkie/drunk.

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NARCANON and AA are both Scientology programs.


Not true AA was started by a Catholic priest, I dont know about NA


But on that note I know that my brother in law has been to AA and NA, he is as Atheist as I am. They really dont push religion on you but it does have religious tones, because for some its what works.


Mostly AA is about finding a higher power to accept that you are an addict and you always will and finding the strength either in yourself or god to overcome.


Like I said my brother in law has dont it without turning to religion and I have delt with problems with drinking the same. It just about mostly knowing you have a problem and dealing with it a day at a time. If that is how you want your life to be then really do it, but the change is in yourself and your surroundings.


Good luck

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Some people, no matter what, need an addiction.

For some it's work, some people it's drugs/booze, and for some people it's Jesus.

They just tend to focus on something that consumes almost their entire lives.

Seen it happen to so many people I kind of expect it now.


I'm pretty sure they're better off being obsessed with AA and Jesus than needles/rocks or bottles.

To me, that's the reason that program works, it's not the steps themselves, but the cult like atmosphere.

It's all good though because like I said, the alternative is much worse and I can't hate on someone trying to get their life right or better.

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Yeah, I dont know about all the semantics, but having the word God in a prayer seems pretty religious to me.




had to attend 18 months of meetings, at least 3 times a week, usually 5. Court told me i had to to get my charges dropped.

Definitely, a lot of people in AA wouldn't be alive without it. Most of them only hang out with other aa's.

That being said, the program has saved some people's life, and for that I respect it fully.

Is it for me? No, not yet at least. It can also turn you into a biblethumping, thoughtless drone that does nothing more than regurgitate cliches. Those people suck.

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In the seedy basment or back room at every catholic church, they meet to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and exchange war stories. Starting every meeting with the lords prayer ending the same way. Blindly trading one addiction for the next, for a chance to smile without a substance. Puting gods name in front of your own free will.



Drugs destroyed my life, even worse I watched it destroy both sides of my family before me and I still got caught slipping.

Now I'm watching my friends crumble before my eyes.

Rock bottom helps but why go back there, again and again.

If you can't see what a mess you have caused then may be you should find A.A/N.A so we can all feel sorry for you and aplaude you for doing normal things.

Selfish fucks!

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I'm pretty sure they're better off being obsessed with AA and Jesus than needles/rocks or bottles.




This is very true, but most who attend will turn around and heavily push that jesus stuff on you then scrold and repremand you for sparking a joint while having a casual drink. Lived my whole life around these hypocrits and spent many a fri and sat of my childhood at meeting.


These people need healthy hobbie and creative outlets not god, but hey whatever works.

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