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our brother Christopher Hendricks aka POKE ONE BS DMS passed this last thursday 5-27-2010 after a years long battle with crohn's disease. anyone who has pics of him or his graffiti please post them on this thread and contact either myself, SKID DMS, EZEC DMS, TECK BS, MISS 17, CHINO BYI or any other member of our families to pass along originals and/or high res copies for his friends and family. if you dont know us personally you probably know someone who knows us personally.


we will be doing a show for him within the next two weeks to share some of the extensive photographs he has taken of New York graffiti from the 1970's to the present day. the date and location have yet to be decided. they will be posted on this and other public boards when the details are finalized.


his funerary services are open to the public and we encourage all current and former friends in the New York graffiti community to come and pay their respects. all beefs past or present will be put aside and the security of all attendees will be assured. Christopher has family in law enforcement who will be present as well. no questions will be asked of any who choose to attend. please respect their time of grieving and do not write any graffiti in, on or around the location of his wake.


if you choose to attend, please dress appropriately and come to pay your respects and offer your condolences to his friends and family. if anyone you have a problem with is present, either shake their hand and offer your condolences or avoid contact. any discussion of present or previous beefs will not be tolerated.


the wake and services will be held Sunday 5-30-2010 from 2-6pm at:


Frederick Funeral Home

192-15 Northern Blvd.

Flushing Queens, NY 11358


Chris and Bernie... together again. see you on the other side brothers. you will never be forgotten.

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I am sorry for your loss colt, poke reached out to me and my boys in the mid 90's. alot of repect to him, rest in paradise..

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we didnt get along but knew the same people... this dude had crazy flicks that was never published or on a website....maddd flicks b ... maybe kech will hold them down .. however peace kid ... iiight 10

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Chris, 34-year-old living in Queens, first realized that something was wrong with his stomach when he was 17. Due to Chris’ consistent lower abdominal pain, his doctor originally thought that he had an ulcer, but after a colonoscopy, it was determined that Chris had Crohn’s disease. Since then, he has had four surgeries to treat fistulas and other Crohn’s disease-related conditions. He says that he has been on too many medications to remember all of their names, but that taking Remicade has significantly improved his ability to overcome the symptoms that have plagued him for almost two decades.

“When they first diagnosed me, I didn’t take it seriously, I didn’t listen,” Chris says. “They told me to take Asacol and Prednisone. I stayed on that for maybe a month because the medication didn’t really make me feel better. Nothing worked for me until Remicade.”

“I needed an operation for a fistula, which was a hole in my bladder, in 1997. My intestines were pretty infected. I had the operation, but then in 2001, the fistula came back and I need to be operated on again. At that point, I just didn’t care anymore. I didn’t take any of the medication; I kind of gave up on life. Then in 2006, I was back in the hospital because I’d had another attack. I weighed maybe a hundred and thirty pounds. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got to accept the disease already and just move forward, step by step.’”

Since he began taking Remicade last May, Chris has felt a tremendous increase in his energy levels and overall health. The first treatment made specifically for Crohn’s disease, Remicade relieves symptoms by binding and blocking the effects of TNF-alpha, a protein involved in the inflammation process. It is prescribed to patients only after they have tried other therapies and it is clear that other drugs have failed to treat their symptoms. Chris says that his previous doctors considered Remicade to be a “last resort” treatment option for him and he believes that if the IV treatment had been made available to him earlier on, he may not have had to undergo so many surgery procedures. He receives a dose of Remicade every two months and also takes a drug called Azathioprine. Chris was recently able to go on a trip to Japan, something that he would not have been able to do without getting seriously ill prior to being on Remicade. He credits the treatment with allowing him to lead a very active, energetic lifestyle.

“I’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ on this drug. Remicade was the thing that made me believe that everything was going to be alright. All the bad things I’ve been through, this drug finally made it possible for me to enjoy life and live it to my fullest.”




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we have all his flicks and shoe collection on lock. we will be having a big show in the next few weeks to display some of it. theres too much to show everything (at least 50 full albums and dozens of shoeboxes full of flicks plus dozens of jordans, dunks and uptowns) but we'll show as much of it as we can.


then we are planning to publish a two or three volume book with all of his work over the years in chronological order with pictures of him with friends and family corresponding to the times he took the photos. we are open to publishers so if anyone has any ideas of who would want to publish thousands of photos of new york graffiti over the last 30 years, let us know.


all proceeds will be donated to the Chron's and Cholitis Foundation of America in his name, after we take care of his parents. if we make enough money off it, we'll found a chair for him at a major research university that does research on chron's disease.


if anyone has any flicks of him or his graffiti, please let someone who was close to him know so we can include them in the book if not the show. and if anyone does shit for him, please post it on here high res and/or pass it on to someone who was close to him so we can include all the memorial work done for him as well.


the good die young, but legends live forever.



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