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Gone Fishin.


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Caught this Black drum off a back porch dock. Used a shrimp tail I found in some left over pasta that was in the fridge. It was swimming close to the surface a few feet off the dock so I just dangled my line right in front of its face and it went for it. Had a good of fight with loose drag.



Took a trip with a guide I fish with every year. Limited out on speckled trout by 9:30 AM. Kept fishing and were getting hits pretty much every cast.



We were running to another spot when the guide saw a school of Reds in the distance. I had never followed a school of these things and it was real exciting. Sneaking up on them, waiting for the right moment, casting, waiting a few seconds and then all lines on board take off. Hopefully land the fish and repeat...Literally hundreds of over sized Reds that you could see swimming right below the surface.



We did 3 cycles on the school, with 2 broken lines, landing 3 over sized (released), and one maxed out keeper before the school split into 2. The guide saw a buddies Red fish boat in the distance and put him onto one school (turned out his buddy had loaned the boat out that day) and we went after the other. The other turned out to be Black drum and we didn't have the right bait so we were done.



No big deal since we already have fresh fish for days...!





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i've been fishing a bunch this year. for the past couple years i've been going to this huge rock quarry down the street from where i live that's stocked with pretty much everything, and i still can't quite figure out the fish there. i've caught small/largemouth there but it's definitely a tricky spot. anyone have any experience with fishing rock quarries?

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I used to think this. I haven't caught anything the last 5 times I've gone though. Leads to frustration.


I can understand your frustration. What kind of setup are you using??

You need to realize the type of conditions you're fishing- clear skies or

dark cloudy skies will affect how effective you are with your lure selection.

For large mouth bass:

the cover you're fishing, or lack of cover, will greatly affect your

success in fishing.

If you're using a bobber and some type of live bait, you're going

to have very limited success waiting for a desperate fish to bite your rig.

When using a lure, you are tempting the fish to bite your rig,

The key to lure fishing is presentation; making your lure appear as an injured fish,

or an easy prey fish. Look on youtube for tips on the type of fish you're

looking to catch and I guarantee there are multiple videos on catching the

breed of fish you wanna land.

Again, I can't stress more, if you're not going after the fish (Which will absolutely

work) by lure fishing, your morning-afternoon will be very boring and un-productive.

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fed a lot of fish this nye but failed to catch anything keepable....


disappointed since this included going on a fishing charter and still landed nothing..

girlfriend landed a flathead and when it was too small went to to throw it back in the water saying "you'll live to fight another day"


cormorant flies down and snaps it within 2 seconds haha!

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