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Oakland 510 East Bay Business --------

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4 days and 300 miles later...




fuck a 150 buck bucket.


nothing is "yours" especially not a photograph of some graffiti on a train..

get over it buddy.. why flick the graff in the fist place?? taking pictures of Graffiti and expecting credability for it is a form of theft in itself.. COPYLEFT not copy rights when it come to graffiti

its a collective of criminals. and the people who jock them.


bro shut the fuck up with your preachin ass u stoopid fuck, u r right nothing is yours especialy your paint can jackin lil punks sounds fun i cant wait to b a dick

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dats dope but god dam u wont get that far n that shit, wear a shirt that says i write this n have ya name then on back put ya address,aint haten jus sayn thats dope thow but dont put ya names n homies name on ya car:lol:


i mean, might as well have a permanent shot in a city you don't live in.

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chilllllll. dude. its all negativity up in here.

mr. subskribr....or whatever you name is.

you really had to comment huh?

EGO TRIP. ego trip.....ego trip....

why am i even responding to this..

i dont know.

thank god for twelve oz though.. a place where writers can talk shit to each other all day and night and hide behind screen names. ahhhh 2010. gotta love it.

FLICKR> the whole lot..

what would graffiti be without the internet?

Do you even remember the 90's???

I really dont know why i go on this site anymore>>>>

keep it positive people.

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