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Texas Police Secretly Deploy Spy Drones

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The ‘insurgents’ in Iraq and Afghanistan have had some success in shooting down large fast flying US military drones – similar to the BAU Herti - using small arms fire; AK47s etc (currently unavailable at Maplins), so the slower moving Microdrones should be easy prey to automatic weapons fire – the obvious problem is that such weapons are illegal (in the UK) and not exactly subtle when used in a ‘public order’ environment.


For taking out Microdrones a (slightly) more legal option might be a paint ball gun which fires large calibre low velocity paint capsules that will blind as well as damage the target. Paint ball guns have the advantage of being legal and commonly available but again, probably not the best choice for riots and demonstrations. For these occasions, the simple hand held catapult firing a range of improvised ammunition should do the job though surreptitiously hitting a moving 1m sized target at a range of, say, 100 metres may require a little target practise…and may take a few shots as the drone can still fly with only two of its four rotors functioning.



Jamming the control and navigation signals should be an effective way of disabling the drones – jammers work within a fixed range radius rather than having to be targeted and have the added benefit of being non-destructive – allowing the capture and re-use of the confused drone…

Radio Control Frequency


The Microdrone uses the same radio control method as model RC aircraft to direct it’s flighpath. The exact frequency used by the police probably falls within the UK frequency regulations for RC aircraft otherwise RC frequencies can easily be scanned and jammed using RF jammers for selected frequencies or more crudely saturate the whole spectrum.


Build your own RF Jammer:




“If you want to saturate the bandwidth, you use an analog device with simple FM modulation. Eight 2.4Ghz wireless video transmitters of sufficient power would do it.”



The Hicam Microdrones navigate using standard GPS, which is particularly sensitive to jamming. There are a number of portable GPS jammers on the market or for a few quid you can build your own…



Signal Hacking


US authorities were alarmed when they discovered that the Taliban have been using Russian authored Sky Grabber software to intercept drone video signals:


“SkyGrabber is a hobby for person who accepting free to air satellite data by digital satellite TV tuner card from satellite provider. SkyGrabber is for fun.”






An important aspect of intercepting drone signals will be to use the footage against the police or is support of legal defence.

Other Anti-Drone ideas – please add your own!:

Focussed microwave beam


A standard domestic microwave could be focussed using a parabolic dish to direct the beam on a single source capable of destroying and disrupting circuity in cameras and motors. Downside is, mistakes could be dangerous or fatal…

Antidrone drones


Equip a common-or-garden toy RC helicopter with an attachable line that locks to a target drone. Once attached, pull the police drone down by hand…

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No worries bro!


I heard those drones are NOT going to be used to exploit the public's 'lack of expectation of privacy' every time they walk out the door but instead are being deployed to monitor (possibly Marxist) elementary school textbooks.

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fuck! im getting out of crossfire for the rest of the day. this officially killed my buzz.

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fuck! im getting out of crossfire for the rest of the day. this officially killed my buzz.



coming in here keeps me informed yet is helping to make me more paranoid.

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