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Guns and Roses Appreciation Thread

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if prepared a speech for the honorable occasion, i digress.


"funny, who woulda thought a canuck from surrey would ever make it on the main stage as a pop icon and internet celebrity. when i was like 5 or 6 years old my uncle charlie sat me on his lap and said "paul, one day your going to upset alot of people. see that woman over there, your mother. she fuckin hates you and said to me just yesterday your a born loser and i agreed" i looked up at him and said "my names not paul"


i ate a sandwhich today, mustard. no mayo with pickles and a single slice of cheese. havarti and it dawned on me the acheivments of my friend alex. convicted drunk driver that killed 4 innocent people on christmas day seven years ago. the adversity that he had gone thru. the sentence. the treatment. the courage to not only drink again upon his release but to become blackout drunk and get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, illegaly.


its courage like that, that makes us human. that makes us proud. that makes us strong.


and its courage like that, that makes me 10,000 strong.


so to you, 12oz. i say, masterbation is what got me here. and stolen panties is what will keep me here"



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i got that album and lies in 1988.

i still listen to them several times a week.

fucking untouchable.

everything after that is mostly overproduced garbage.

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my first tapes i ever owned were all got at the same time. they were cassette singles. young mc bust a move. gnr paradise city & gnr welcome to the jungle.

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oh...and welcome to the jungle.


funny thing that i like gnr....i mostly only listen to hip hop.

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i drank a bottle of that stuff last night.



makes me want to go to the bar, pound shots & get naked every time!





"It's so easy" aint much different!

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