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Caravaggio exhibit currently going on in Roma

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To mark the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio's death, there is currently an exhibit in Roma with 30-something authenticated works by the OG bad motherfucker himself. Museums from Texas, Dublin, Rome, Berlin, NYC, and all over have worked together to place an enormous amount of his work in one location.


Basket of fruit, boy with basket of fruit, sleeping cupid, several of his paintings of john the baptist, the betrayal of christ, judith beheading holofernes, and many more are all there in one museum....fucking awesome!


I just left the exhibit, and Im still pickin my jaw up off the ground.


If youve got money to burn, or know somebody with air miles you can bum, get the fuck to Rome. Its only 10 euros admission and for another 5 or so, you get an audio tour that covers the history of most of the paintings presented.





Most of the people that post in Untitled are (i would assume?) already familiar with him, for the others that arent, check out his wiki page. Dude was a savage that roamed around with thieves and hookers, kept a deaf-mute servent and eventually fled Rome due to a murder charge that stemmed from a tennis match gone bad. dude lived a maniacal and violent life, but in between all the madness, he created some of the raddest (imho) art to ever come out of europe.

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His use of light was crazy good. This was written about his personality. "after a fortnight's work he will swagger about for a month or two with a sword at his side and a servant following him, from one ball-court to the next, ever ready to engage in a fight or an argument, so that it is most awkward to get along with him." He killed a guy and had to flee Rome. Gangsta.

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yup. he was the fuckin man. cut dude in the thigh and dude died from the wound. all over a tennis bet.


he also was well known for using prostitutes as models for his paintings. judith, (the chick beheading holofernes) was a hooker he had a relationship with.


his use of light was rad because he preferred to do his painting in dark shitty basement type areas, usually with a single beam of light coming in from the upper corner of the room


/fanboy oner

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