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C. C. H. Pounder

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This was a pretty great thread. It immediately drew you in and the suspense was riveting.


I thought that it could've been polished up in areas, but that was easily over-taken by the strong plot & overall quality.


Will definitely suggest to family, friends, and co-workers.


4 out of 5 stars.

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i was listening to jim rome one morning and he was talking about how good of friends his father was with cherry and when he was a kid the three would all go to kings games together




i love watching how he always postitions his head so you cant see his mutilated ear :lol:

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I FUCKIN KNOW MAN. i saw that name in the credits every time i watched the shield (best show in the universe), and i thought it was gonna be some big jacked up bald black dude. turns out i wasn't far off.

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Tis Mah Gidgeon.


Wiz Teh Gidgeon.


Giz Mo' Weegions.


Miz, whoa, fidgeons.


Fitch, No snitchin!


Snidge, po' pigeons..


Piss, po pimpin.


Oh no, skol sniffin'!


Subway, no Blimpie.


Stimpy, no squeegie.


Dizz, mo mizz nivvie.

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i barely knew her. . .

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this thread reminds me of one of the most horrible things ive ever involved myself in...



many moons ago, some friends and i had a site called pranknet.net. as you guessed, we pranked people and uploaded the .wav online for people to enjoy.


one night, during one of my broadcasts, i called a local woman that i found in the phonebook. i dont recall her lastname, but it was goofy as fuck and i wanted to call and interview her about her redic last name.




her: Hello?


me: Hi, Ms [fucked up last name]


her: Marty?




me: yeah its me, marty, how are you?


h: good my son, where have you been, i havnt heard from you in forever!!


m: not good, mom. i cant talk for long, but ive been kidnapped. long story, but i was able to sneak a phonecall.


h: oh my god, does this have to do with the white drugs again??



long story short, for weeks i called this woman and had her convinced that i was being beaten and raped due to a drug debt. she would cry and cry and cry. sometimes we would do a conference call, so one of my prank partners could pretend like he caught me on the phone and would proceed to torture me while she listened.


this was over 10 years ago, i was a shithead 17yo kid. i feel bad about it now, but the calls were so fucking epic in a horrible sense.

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