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Breaking News: Man Discovers New Suicide Method!

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If a thread fails, it fails.


Tits aren't a full coverage insurance policy, some people would do well to learn this

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werd there should be a china thraed, there should be a general tourism thread...there should be a police/no snitching thread, and there should be a Birthday thread.......amiright ma bruthas?

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Had some shit goin' on wit' my - OH!!, that felt good, but it's bad

So I'm sittin' here like, "what the bitch had?"

It's not rap - it's real, look scrappy it's true

Go on, what's poppin', do we look happy to you?!

Now, if it goes to the wire, got the soul of a fighter

Bruised-up and sloppy, or damaged like Ali.

Up-late talkin' to the fans on the website

That's the only thing that send yo' man off to bed right?!

Fuck the World, fuck my moms and my girl!

Well, maybe not mom, jus' lemme' remain calm.

This too won't last, this too shall pass

At least that's what I say y'all, that's what I pray for'

An' I'm the only thing that's standin' in my way y'all

But I gotta be with me, it's no escape y'all...

I guess depression just stepped in, an' took-over shit like it's known ta' do.

Guess it said, "Hey Joe, I'm goin' home wit'chu

Turn your phone off, I needa' be alone wit'chu

I needa' be in the zone wit'chu

'Cause I'm the only thing you prone to, nigga

Look, I own you, nigga!!

Been wit'chu since 10, but'chu startin' to confuse me

'Cause it's been so long, an' you still try'na lose me.

Like, how could you show me such cruelty?

When everybody turns their back on you, Joe it's you an' me.

Joe, you don't want me to see you right?

Then why you always come get me, how we re-unite?

Tell me! I know you feel for me deep in your heart;

Doctors, meetings, pills couldn't keep us apart.

But, now you got a deal an' you wanna get rid of me

But.. we're roommates, I'm in your head, Joe you live with me."

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i remember a guy in homebase tied a steel cable around his neck tied it to a pillar got in his car shut the door and drove as fast as he could...he decapitated himself .

i loled.

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