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Whoa dude... 12oz Spitfire in fatal? car crash... serious buisness.


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I got trump status credit. Moms is a bank teller. Started establishing credit for me before I even knew it. I had a student visa($500limit) long before she told be I had one.


Didn't grow up poor, grew up working class. Parents never owned a home. Moms never had a different job in her entire life. Started at 20 still working there doing the same job to this day.


Three things that woman drilled into my head:


Don't Lie.

Don't steal.

Pat your fuckin bills.


Got into boosting heavily via drugs and graffiti but apart from that, which I rarely do unless I'm drunk now, I don't bullshit. And am never late on payments.




Welp, looks like your mom was a failure too.

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Ya. It was a lie, because we all know spitfire was never going to post on 12oz ever again.


Damn you spitfire for not getting into an accident killing off the other passengers while asleep at the wheel of a stationary vehicle drinking tang. And damn your doctors for not posting on the internet that you have regained your speech.


Why did I ever think this lie was destined to be exposed. Damn it.

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I do my best to ignore your self-indulgent posting throughout this forum, CoS.

But now that I look closer, your forum activity is actually terribly amusing.

It appears you stop to take breaks to sleep and eat.

Not just today either, it's like that for weeks apparently.

I'm not even mad, I just feel fucking bad for you.

Edit: I mean come on man, 1400+ posts in 2 months? Fuckk me.

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I think if there were an RIP thread for me most people would believe it.


Pretty much everyone believed it a few years ago when manute said I was going to prison for 10 years, but that was during my really wild phase


Pretty lucky your mum cleared that shit up with her colleagues though.

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Good troll none the less. And thanks to everyone who thought I was all fucked up. But nah.


Under normal circumstances I would have went along with it, but I just aint in the mood.






I could of had people sending flowers to your mother...just sayin...



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