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American express usb commercial

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yeah i dont get it either



EDIT* Ah ok I got it now, had to get through your terrible ability to make a post and decipher it myself.

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OK BROS> I GOT THIS IN THE MAIL. AND IT TOLD ME TO INSERT INTO USB DRIVE! WHICH I DID AND SNEAKYFUCKING AMERICAN EXPRESS WANTS me to get credit card and GO into debt like good little AMERICAN___> https://www201.americanexpress.com/cards/RSVPServlet?rt=micrositeLogin&ct=87&page=slide1






Alright so you got junk mail telling you to invest in their product. Something everybody gets.






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Guys, the craziest thing happened today. I got mail that I wasn't expecting, offering me things that sound too good to be true. AMERICA IS AMAZING!

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No wonder it's so easy to hack. People are dumb.


There's this one trick that black hats like to use where you drop a usb

drive (el cheapo kind with 256megs space) with uber r33t h4cx0r software to steal your passwords on it in front of a target business, etc. You could even leave the drive in a bathroom

or whatever inside. Some dipshit picks it up and curious as humans are, puts it in his/her

computer hoping for teh pronx...little do they know the software on said drive is emailing

teh r33t h4cx0r j00r plox (your shit).


winrar is you.

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