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It is what it is...


Pornbooth hit it right on the nose with the word "Exploit"


(Love him or hate him) Banksy did his thing and the motherfucker (and his friends) found a way to get PAID. Most people aren't going to give him respect for that but I'm not going to hate on him for it either.


This movie is obviously supposed to be taken with a grain of salt and anyone expecting a "graff" movie will definitely be UMAD. Banksy has historically used media as a punchline so why would it be any different with a major film project that he's thoroughly involved with?


If you and your friends were able to get paid like these assholes while fucking with major corporations and the law....You're seriously going to say no??


Dont get me wrong....I could care less about Banksy. My point is that him and his crew found a way to get over and I'm not one to knock someone's hustle.

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that french mutherfucker made a million in a week off his bullshit. fuckin riding around on his scooter bossing people around. obviously this guy is a fucking tool who doesnt even realize his own bullshit. theres just millions of dollars in all these morons pockets waiting to be spent on whatever theyre sold, but the guy selling doesnt even realize it hes just part of the situation. seems to me like this is how much of the rest of world runs too. good job on the movie banksy.

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