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2010 world cup


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holy fuck were England ever bad today.

Rooney, that was truly the most pathetic game you've ever played.

It's a sad day for the brits when David James was our best player on the field.


everbodys been saying england were disgracefull....


...but im still surprised that we hype ourselves up so much. we are shite, and everybody knows it.


im going to cut my losses and pray for a result at Wimbledon in the next few weeks...

oh wait, out best chances are a Canadian or a scot..great.

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Hargreaves is infinitely better then GB.

Also if Rooney had put on a show like that for Alex ferguson he would have been yanked off the field.

Steven gerrard played like shit and didn't even look like he was interested in making a tackle.

Aaron Lennon and SWP are both pretty useless IMO.

If England ever want to field a good team ever again they need to change the guard and stop picking players based on reputation.

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newsflash ombre, your a canuck. and the closest thing to the u.k. around you is malt vinegar and deep fried fish. the fuck outta here with that "our" bullshit.


do they even have soccer in edmonton cause unless yall got field zamboni's clearing the snow at half youd actually be playing snow shoes and indians with an inflated dear bladder with black n white octagons painted on it.




Oh I didn't realize you knew me on a personal level. I'm as British as they come you fuckin crackhead, go smoke another rock

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Just watched the replay of the England game, and boy were they woeful. Rooney was invisible, Gerrard was too afraid to take players on and Sean Wright-Phillips offers nothing.


Capello is a muppet, how can you leave Joe Cole on the bench and play SWP?


Australia play tonight, I don't expect us to be any better, but I take great comfort in the fact that Gerrard was booed by his own fans when he took a dive, worst captain ever.

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It's not the fact that we were held to a draw with Algeria (though that is quite shameful in it's self), it's the fact that we were absolutely toothless, unimaginative, and plain old inept. Our passing was dreadful, our shooting embarassing. Rooney has been taking a lot of flack but there's no way he's going to score with the kind of service he's getting. Glen Johnson was absolutely dire, Wright-Phillips, Lennon and Heskey are no where near international class, and Gerrard and Lampard once again failed to turn up for their country. I'm a big fan of Capello, butall this bullshit about choosing players on form not reputation has been completely thrown out of the window. I'm with metronome, this old guard has achieved absolutely nothing and it's time to change it up. There's so many good young players that haven't been given a chance, like Adam Johnson, Wilshere and Rodwell, not to mention guys like Hart, Milner, and Agbonlahor. Pick players that will bring some kind of excitement to the team, because this one just looks flat and almost as bad as France. They need to get their shit together ASAP because there is a very good possibility that our World Cup might be over come Wednesday...

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Carlton Cole would have offered more than Heskey in the holding role.


I simply don't understand the tactics Capello is trying to get England to play, they cannot play an Italian game plan because technically they're inept. The claim of the premier league being the 'best' league in the world is rubbish, it might be the most exciting, but in terms of tactics and skill they're way behind and that's why they keep getting caught out when playing against well organised teams.


Gerrard and Lampard should not play together. Personally I would play Lampard over Gerrard, his passing game is on point and his scoring record is first class, however he needs to be able to make late runs into the box, Capello doesn't allow him the freedom to control the game.


Bring in Cole, Dawson and Defoe to partner Rooney.

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Fabio Capello is a top notch manager, there is no taking that from him, but I can't help but think he is letting his ego get in his way of his team selection, he seems to be starting Heskey because he is stubborn and adamant to prove that his choice in taking the old man is just. If I were Capello, I would start the following team on Wednesday, if not for the previous two games too. I would also tell the fucking players who are going to play as soon as I knew, to allow them to work together and develop and understanding of the tactic - not telling players if they are going to start or not untill two hours before a game (or whatever short amount of time it is) is fucking useless and I have no idea how it could improve performance.


---------------------------------- Wayne Rooney


Joe Cole ----------------------- Steven Gerrard ---------------------- James Milner


-------------------------------------------------- Frank Lampard


------------------------ Gareth Barry


Ashley Cole ----- John Terry ----- Michael Dawson/Ledley King ----- Glen Johnson


------------------------------------- Joe Hart



Fuck the 4-4-2, our strongest players are midfielders. We have seen that the long ball doesn't work, despite it being quintessentially English (probably the problem) and we have been criticised for it (by a German, no less), so fuck it. Use the midfield as an outlet for our talent, use Joe Cole and James Milner as wide players who want to cut inside, thus, when attacking, we have both wingers and potentially supporting strikers. Our rate of shooting would increase, our team would be more exciting to watch, our passing would improve (the ball might go forward a little more often), the two wide players would give full-backs a run for their money and with Barry, Lampard and Gerrard all available to pass the ball between them through the middle and link up to Rooney, he wouldn't have to drop back so fucking often and try and do their jobs.


End rant.

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i'm sure ashley cole's a fuckin' bender... why would you cheat on your woman twice if she looked like that...


and did anyone else see him trying to rip off the algerian boy's shorts?


i dunno why crouch came on so late. he's pretty under rated for a lanky streak of pish...

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