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has anyone ever tried this shit? HOLY SHIT!


I guess DMT is the same drug the brain floods before you DIE! Your body produces it...I guess you can call it the most powerful hallucinogen.


So today i tried it, i took one hit, took 5 seconds to kick in i blew the smoke out and it became the universe...i was srsly in the universe, it lasted only like 10mins but felt like an eternity. It was strange, marvelous, unexplainable, and beautiful. I was SEEING what i was thinking about BEFORE EVEN THINKING!?!? I didn't feel like i was on earth didn't feel like i was alive. Seems like i was living a dream in space.

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i've learned alot from DMT






also thanks for atleast one positive feedback lol :P



Eh, I'm just interested in the brains potential. There's something almost magical

about DMT and what it does to the human consciousness. Those who haven't experienced

it often look at it as tango said "retarded".


Those who have experienced the reality that the chemical brings forth understand.


Check out Terence McKenna's writings on the subject. Nothing short of brilliant.


Btw: People are talking shit to you because there are probably at least 10 threads about DMT.

Search function, homeslice.

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i am in the universe. at all times. i have never not been in the universe. i am unimpressed.

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