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To cut a long story short..


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...this time in a month i will be cut open by a trained professional and having a sizeable chunk of my back removed...


truth be told, im shitting bricks. the longest ive ever been in hospital for was a 4 hour wait just to be told i had twisted my ankle after a xmas drinking session. never been cut open before by anyone apart from my clumsy self!


please share your stories of being sliced and diced...

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They put the mask on say its just air and tell you to count down from 10. You realize its the gas to knock you out by 8 and quickly manage to call them bastards before passing out. Wake up 4 hours later in semi consciousness and be given a bottle of pain killers and go home. Nearly puke in the back seat.

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I might be in the market for a back operation in the next couples years.

Can you elaborate on yours?


Last surgery I had they gave me fentanyl when I woke up. Then I nearly puked on their immediate escort service ride home. Managed to smoke a bowl with one hand, and ate vic's for the next... well, it hasn't stopped much since.

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without going into too much of the grim details:


last year i slipped on some ice and fell down a flight of rough concrete stairs wearing just a tshirt and some shorts. i tore my back up good and proper - the lower back just above (well to be totally honest, all around) my cocyix - basically the area just above where your arse cheeks meet your back.


at the time, i didnt think much and left it to get better itself (lesson learned no1). when i eventually got it seen to much later it transpires that alot of everyday muck and crap got into the wound and it got infected. badly.


cutting the story short, one year later after many courses of anti biotics and much pain my GP told me to go see a surgeon who rather quickly got me booked in for a cut up. had my "pre surgery assesment" today.


i dont really know a lot about what they will do, or what they are planning to get rid of. im just praying that they decide to not leave it an "open" wound to heal which would mean in me taking up to 3months off work which i cant afford to do...

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