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Home Brew 2010 Edition

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Shit.. last brew turned out too gassy (my bad) so they turned into things i can kick around when im drunk.


Brewed in plastic bottles since thats all I really had on hand at the time but is there any real major pros/cons when it comes to plastic/glass bottles ??? Surely the taste has to be affected even just a lil bit.


Got some funds so might go pick some ingredients up in the morn .. Looking at a Lager of some description. Shitty iphone pics to come !


You fermented it in plastic, or bottled it in plastic? Either way, I don't see why taste would be affected. Glass carboys are preferable for fermentation as they are easier to clean and less likely to scratch and hold dirt and bacteria than plastic buckets, but my friends have made (and continue to make) great beers in both.

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I dont think so, wine companies have been messing with plastic bottles for a while and now its becoming popular amongst makers so It sounds like its just fine for wine, Im no scientist but I'd think beer wouldnt be effected if wine isnt. Usually during the summer I can find plastic bottles of of most major domestic beers around town.


There are certain grades of plastic and only some of them can be used for brewing. When it comes to bulk aging though its thought still to be undesirable over glass. They make special plastic carboys for homebrews but if IM not mistaken theyre close to the price of glass. Everyone mentions that they wont break, agreed, but whos the idiot tossing around a glass carboy carelessly?


Glass suits me just fine.

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Home brew made me break my lurk!

Used to do it at my old house. The mates kept the gear and are doin it justice. No killer ill settup like on the last page but... All grain, 34lbs, bout 16-18oz of hops, averagin 7.5%ach/bv. Doin 10gal at a time, kegs through a "Randle"(hop filter). I know there is better out there so I'm lurkin this page daily to sniff it out.

What hops do you all prefer?

How long to you boil?

Do you dry hop?

Ever used/made starters(yeast)

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I was just given a bunch of supplies for homebrew from my girl's father. (he works for brewcraft and has a warehouse in Portland full of supplies) I have some red ale and an ipa going, it was real basic beginner stuff. What's a good website to get into the more advanced stuff?

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website is put together shitty. terrible grammar.

insane amounts of stuff on here.


sadly, i dont think any of this pertains to beer brewing.

but one of you might enjoy this site.


lol looks like DOS threw up


Im racking to secondary tomorrow and will try dry hopping for the first time.

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sooo... whats the last recipe you fellas brewed?


Brewed on monday a beefy IPA:


4.4 lbs pale LME

2.2 lbs amber LME

3/4 lb american 2 row barley

3/4 lb american pale barley

1/4 lb crystal malt 40L

1/4 lb american munich malt

1/2 lb malted white wheat

1/2 lb american carapils malt


2 oz Centennial hops

2 oz Warrior hops

1 oz magnum hops

1 oz simcoe hops

1 oz amarillo hops (dryhop)

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ordered myself some beer supplies the other day. Should be getting it this week. Told my brother in law Id buy the supplies if he bought the beer. I know one other has a higher price but I'm going to need multiple primaries and carboys this august when the grapes come in so I figured Ill just get a jump start. Since hes never done beer and Ive got my hands full with wine were going to try one of those "no boil" kits for shits and giggles.


He was looking at the Brewers Best line. Belgian Triple to be exact.

Any suggestions?

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I started with a couple Brewers Best kits. A pale ale and a blond I think. They both turned out pretty good considering they were my first brews. A triple might be a little trickier, but those kits are basic and come with pretty good instructions.


I've been slacking on brewing in the last few months. I'm thinking of a wit for the summer, but I better get on it soon.

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Coopers Dark Ale approx 5.3%


Have left it bottled for about a month now and although pretty gassy/too much head, it actually tastes nice.


Yea those kits are pretty much what Im doing at the moment but would love to get into doing it all from scratch ... Need to look into getting all the gear for it. Currently using a plastic fermentor but have been looking into bigger stainless steel jobbys on ebay.

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my buddy is getting into this shit


he's on his 19th batch


he built an automated bottling line run by a programmable logic controller (or some shit like that?) for it. still gotta cap 'em by hand though.


ill get some pics the next time im there to post.

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Yeah I started to look at it all and it is going to cost a bit for a nice set up, but for me wine is first and like I said Im going to have my hands full with it. I could look into larger stuff when it comes to wine but this year is my first year up here so I dont know the possible yield I have with my vines. They were never kept up before the house was purchased so things are mad over grown, produce beatuifully but over grown. If I prune the living crap out of them this winter to bring everything back to norm Ill lose production for up to 3 years :-( Messy vines and I get produce. Clean em up and Im stuck without it for a while. Ill post up on how my beer turns out, I should have everything buy Wednesday :)

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Guess Im the only one thats been busy..sheit. This thread was like 10 pages back ahaha


Grapes are not in yet... but got me some beer goin...





some blackberry wine brewing...





some lickuhs...using everclear for more of a neutral flavored alcohol. Sorry for some reason the pics keep getting twisted the minute i upload them.


Liqueur 44. 1 orange and 44 coffee beans inserted into it.






Fig, orange, and vanilla bean



Green Pecan Nocino with orange peel, cinnamon, and vanilla bean



Green Pecan Nocino with orange peel and vanilla bean.


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The mason jars are just jars I had that I could seal.

Youre supposed to use Green Walnuts but Im using Green Pecans in substitution.

And I kinda just ran with it..didnt exactly follow a recipe.




The Liqueur 44 was something I stumbled across searching out the Nocino



The fig ones I just did for the hell of it since I have two fig trees and some left over vanilla bean for the nocino


Heres the Nocino now..



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well i know what a mason jar is :lol:

i meant about whats in them, thanks for the links though.


ive always messed around with infusions, started way back when i first discover PJ. i mostly just fuck around with pineapples, blueberries and strawberries because i have access to bucketfulls of them.

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done 2 batches this year.

a simple english brown ale

bottled a mad dog ipa last week.


still doing stovetop 5 gallon batches.

need to get a turkey burner.. my neighbor hooked me up with a homemade wort chiller. fuck ice baths...


mad dog ipa

Bold and hoppy about 7 or 8 per cent alcohol content. Definately for mad dog brewers.



* 8lbs dry malt extract lite

* .5lb crystal malt

* 4oz choc malt

* 3 oz galena hops

* 2 oz cascade hops

* 1oz saaz hops



Primary Ferment: 10days

Secondary Ferment: 7days



i like to do really cheap wines with juice concentrates, sugar, and yeast. good to have for those nights when you need a cheap drunk.

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bottled the beer today 45 out of 5 gallons. There was just a ton of sediment for this batch. Beligian Triple 8.5% abv




Racked my blackberry wine so it can clear as well.



going to start a batch of Skeeter Pee tomorrow using the blackberry lees

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bottled the beer today 45 out of 5 gallons. There was just a ton of sediment for this batch. Beligian Triple 8.5% abv




Racked my blackberry wine so it can clear as well.



going to start a batch of Skeeter Pee tomorrow using the blackberry lees



the hell is skeeter pee?

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