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We are going to be revamping the front index of 12oz. with a news feed. This will be driven alot more by product editorial mixed in with the usual content 12oz delivers. We still will be showing the current bloggers but the prominent space will be a well rounded culture blog. We want to start expanding 12oz into more of a culture website as thats where our heads are at.


Hit me up if interested, you should be able to write at least 5 posts a day, know how to write somewhat intelligently and have a good sense for the culture you're posting about. It would be a bonus if you live in the NYC area because that's where we are located, but if not hopefully any major city that we might be able to network through. If you truly have the time to do this and you're willing to help out in return for behind the scene special projects, discounts on the online shop thats launching soon, as well as getting hooked up on the regular with cool shit from various brands.



Please don't hit me up if you have a hard time writing editorial, dont keep up with street wear, kicks, art, design, music, collectables, etc..


You should have a healthy reference library of information outlets ( blogs/RSS feeds to reference). Most of this will be filler next to more exclusive blog posts and features we will be contributing ourselves.


I've only posted this position here in duty free, because its the only area that would know/deal with the type of information we are looking for.


- Please send a blog link if you have one, website, whatever... ill hit you back. shortly.


PM me.


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I'm down, I'll pm when I'm not on my iPhone.


I actually tried hitting you up, via PM, but you got your PM disabled, and got to lazy to PM via backend admin CP.


Hit me up and Ill fill you in.

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