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Yo Fuck Tips On New York, I'm Going To Madrid Son!!

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This is exactly what you should do. Travel to a country full of awesome and spend your time buying Montana, paint on the walls, get arrested, fined and subsequently deported. All in Spanish.


The key to not getting caught in a foreign country is to post up every wall you hit on twitter, and then inform police as to when you'll be at the airport. Talking shit on the country you just painted is optional... but always a good idea.

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then hold art shows to pay for your lawyer bills all the while playing the "graffiti is not a crime" & "going to jail for graffiti is proposterous" bullshit.


guess what, your ruining public/private property. people dont like that. people are sick of paying to have it cleaned. so WHY ARE YOU POSTERING YOUR FACE AND WHEREABOUTS WHEN YOUR DOING IT.

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ocho y medio 8 1/2 is a good club, but i think it only happens on friday/saturday. dont bother with pacha.


avoid all the tranny hooker like the plague. the museo de jamon was hilarious, theres a dope tapas beer spot where you pour your own beer and it measures it and you pay that much near the main central plaza thing.


you can do almost anything you want in the streets there, i was doing 10x10 throw ups at 3 am with madridilenos saying they loved my work and stopping for beers half way thru. get ready to be on a bizarro sleep schedule.


also, theres this little palestinian cultural centre thing, its on Calle del Espíritu Santo, right near the piazza, i dont think it has anything to do with palestine, but its sort of a cafe/pub/tapas thing, no decor. but awesome local people and good food and super cheap beers.

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