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So, PJ's is pretty sweet usually - the one by my house is the worst in the country. After refusing to deliver me pizza at a location 3 blocks from their location because it was too far - I decided to order a pizza through the deaf relay messaging system. This is that conversation :




thanks for calling papa john s hold on 1 second 9too fast)


(side conversation)


hello qq how are you doing this is papa john s ok qq i ll be right with you ok qq (too fast) (ON HOLD)

(still holding)


PJ:thanks for holding


ME:WHat kind of pizzas do you have?

PJ:alright may i have your

PJ: phone number

ME:One second, i would like to know your toppings?


(phone ringing in background)



HI, what kind of pizzas do you have?


(talking in background)


ME:Quit talking in the background, i'd like to know about your pizzas?

PJ:we got 2 large 1 topping

ME:How many toppings?

PJ: the wings and a soda for 27.99

PJ:we also have a large 1 topping wings for 17.99

ME:What kind of wings?

(relaying above message)


PJ:what kind

ME:Hi, what kind of wings do you have?


PJ: of wings

PJ:Or pizza?

PJ: hello

PJ: barbecue honey (confirming spelling)

ME:One large barbecue pizza, two honey wings (singular) and one less pizza than i ordered previously.

PJ:chipolte wings and right ma am yes yes

PJ:No chipolte wings.

PJ:Ma am yes yes? No.

ME: that is right


PJ: hello qq yes yes ma am hold on 1 second i ll be right with you ok qq (too fast)

ME:Ok, that's not ok.



(still holding)

(still holding)

(still holding)





PJ:thanks for holding thank you for calling

ME:No problem.

ME:Is this a pizza?

PJ: papa john s this is o neal speaking how may I help you qq

ME:I would like to order some food.

ME:for delivery.

PJ:what kind of pizza would you like to order

ME:What kind of pizza do you have?

PJ:we have

PJ: large pizzas small pizzas medium pizzas and extra large pizzas

ME:What kind of extra large pizzas do you have?


PJ: have pepperoni ham

beef bacon sausage onion mushroom green pepper and chicken

(talking in background)


ME:Ok, that sounds great.

ME:So, how do we do this?

PJ:ok what would you

PJ: like to order

PJ:by telling me what kind of pizza you want and the topping

ME:Ok, wait, so I can't get the extra large pepperoni, ham, beef, bacon, sausage, onion, mushroom green pepper and chicken pizza?

PJ:yes you can but you gonna be

PJ: charged for the toppings

ME:Ok, I would like to not be charged for the toppings? I have a coupon.

PJ:what does the coupon say?

ME:It says 7 free toppings I think, let me check.

ME:No it says, one extra small for free with order of extra large 8 topping pizza.

ME:no wait, no it doesnt.


ME:I'm blind

ME:and i'm reading a brail coupon

PJ: free toppings qq what size pizza is it

PJ a online coupon?

(relaying above message)

ME:No, brail.

ME:It's in my blind coupon book.

ME:Look, I'm really confused.


ME:I can't tell if i'm ordering pizzas or not.

PJ: size pizza would you like to order

ME:Let me get my ducks in a row, and i will call you back, with a pizza order.

ME:I'm sorry.

ME:Is that ok?

PJ:yes that s ok call me back when you re ready

ME:thanks so much, i will surely.


I'll update you guys with my next pizza order.


*Edited for legibility.

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Re: Fuck Papa Johns.


It's a DEAF messaging service, where an operator calls a number for you and relays all the information to and from the person you call. They also explain that they are communicating for a deaf person to the person you call.

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Re: Fuck Papa Johns.


I always get kinda sick from Papa Johns. But I always go back. I'm usually on the side of anyone in the service industry, but I don't understand anything that happened in that first post, so I'm not passing judgment on either of you.

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Re: Fuck Papa Johns.


Sorry Shane, but my attention span is too short right now to read and decipher that Stephen Hawking court stenographer report.



I will agree that Papa Johns sucks though. They are the Quizno's of pizza. They aren't horrible or nothing, but definitely overpriced processed fucking bullshit and that makes me want to suicide bomb them.

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Re: Fuck Papa Johns.


IMO for pizza, I always stick with "hole-in-the-wall" type places. I try to avoid chains, because really..it's not worth what they charge you.


quoted for truth



Always go family-owned, the quality and service will be unbeatable.

Seriously.... try a pizza made from a worker that has pride in their product, it will change your concept of what pizza is.

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Re: Fuck Papa Johns.


haters can stick that green pepper up their rubber asses, and let the garlic sauce tender it, remember papa john's pimped you and gave you a membership, this is not clever shit, but thanks for the post, I'm on my last beer replying to a 12oz ghost, when my burners roast you to toast, pull the dick out your throats, and say something real, and not some dumb shit you feel.



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