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I Have a drawing and painting mental block

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I have been drawin and sketching and painting for a short while, about maybe 2 years...and i think ive gotten pretty good at my simples, and some wilder styles...i have good can control, and a nice handstyle...recently, a lot of shit ive been drawing just looks the same, and im tired of it, and the more i think about it the less diverse i get with my work...its so frustrating...ive tried putting away the pencil for a while, but nothing seems to work...anyone ever have this problem? any recomendations? im going out of my mind

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When an artist is faced with creative block, the usual advice is "Go back to the basics and start again." Think of it as a map with many different pathways. Okay, you've come to the end of this particular pathway. Now, go back to "START" wherever that is, and begin again. You may find yourself doing something completely different with your art. That's okay.

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No Big Deal


Mental and creative blocks happen all the time to all types of artists, so don't sweat it. The only thing you really have to do is NOT GIVE UP! Just don't quit, and things will break through eventually. What one person does really might not be much help to you, because each person has thier own dry spells. Drugs, sleep depirvation, and other means of inducing psychedelic states are helpful to some, while simply trying something completely different works for others. Some people might copy styles of other artists (or writers) and that might spark a whole new trip. Some people just stare at a blank page and punch themselves in the face until something comes out. So just keep working and even if your work gets redundant, it will evolve.


Hell, stressing about being in a mental block probably is what is creating the mental block, so just relax.

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This is advice that I myself am too lazy to follow but:


Warm up. Anybody who works out or does anything physical knows that a requirement before anything is to warm up, stretch out, get the blood flowing. The same thing goes for drawing and sketching. Sit down with scrap paper and doodle, draw, scribble - your muscles in your hand need warming up, and your brain needs acclamating.

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