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Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread


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  • 1 month later...
are the buttons red on the b/w one weapon? i kinda dig that.


Yeah, they're red. They make the shirt pop.


I do business, but not in an office. I just like to feel business.


Just ordered this.




Cobra skin. Mad cheap, so it better be at least as nice as pictured.

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Yeah they are definitely good but in saying that there are plenty of good leather goods you can get in the states. if you dont want to buy OS.


If you live in jewyork



lol I know about XE; I just wanted you to do the work for me. Typing on a netbook on my boxspring mattress is hard.


I am Canadian and am aware of many brands, but those boots look mint, and I have no problem giving my money to a hardworking Australian.

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Last night, I got a black, linen, short sleeved, button up Signum shirt. It's cool, and has one of those Chinese looking collars.


I also picked up a pair of Paul & Shark jeans. May not have been the best move. They're nice and light, but they seem to be super tapered at the bottom and I don't wear boat shoes.


It's y first Signum shirt, and I like it.

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