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Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread


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I dont buy a lot of stuff for myself aside from expensive as shit food. My wife keeps complaining because I have exactly 1 pair of jeans and I've had them for 10 years now. But...




Bought myself one of these Triumph Tiger 800XCx's this weekend. It'll be ready Wednesday.


I've been having some back issues riding the DRZ400 lately. Probably because I'm old, so I got a faster bike with a better seat and more comfortable riding position.

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That's pretty cool @KILZ FILLZ- so it's a complete replacement for the whole wick/cotton/fuel setup?  I like zippos but I don't know what to do after their hinge wears out.  I wish they made that much more robust.  Speaking of lighters, I recently got one of these:




It's nice because of how easily serviceable the entire thing is and because it's got o-rings to seal the fuel inside of it (it won't leak like a zippo).
What I don't like is that it's not really fantastic at wind resistance.... but it's ok.  I think a Zippo is better in this regard.


My recent pickup/delivery early this week was a new MacBook Air in space gray color.


Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 9.34.59 AM.png


It's DEFINITELY heavier than my mid-2013 MacBook Air, but it's a lot more machine too.  The form factor is physically smaller so it's 15lbs of shit in a 10lb shit sack.


I debated quite heavily about getting a 13" MacBook Pro, an IPad Pro w/ Magic Keyboard, or the Air..... and I settled on the air.  I didn't want the MBPro because it was way more cost and computer than what I need to do my work.  I don't do heavy video editing on the park bench so there is no reason for me to carry that much compute capacity around with me.  My fear with the IPad Pro was that it would not be able to handle my productivity tasks as well as I'd like. 


I may still get one just as a toy here in a few months and then I'll know for sure if it can be used for work or not.  If it can perform well for work it would be an EXCELLENT tool to use while traveling.  Having worked in the IT field for so long I've seen plenty of engineers that want to have 4 monitors on their motorized height adjustable standing/sitting desk.... and that shit is just bat shit crazy to me.  I just need one screen on a laptop and I can kick so much more ass than you can with your multiple monitors PLUS your eyeballs can only look at one monitor at a time.  I use multiple workspaces on my Mac as a replacement for multiple pieces of expensive/bulky hardware..... ok rant over.

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@Dirty_habiTdamn that lighter is pretty slick, never heard of those. Yeah the thunderbird is a drop in full on replacement. Some folk use them as an upgrade as e for lighting their cigars because the zippo fuel corrupts the falcon of their cigars. Others prefer the butane because it doesn’t evaporate in a few days time like the zippo fuel does. I wanted the upgrade to use the zippo as a camp lighter. I trust the butane to light something in heavy wind. 

I was looking at getting one of these for the novelty :







austrian made ww2 era IMCO 6700. Can break down similar to zippo but use the center as a candle. Super cool but discontinued and market is saturated with Chinese replicas. 

I think they look super cool but wouldn’t really have a use for it other than another Tchotchke to collect dust 


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