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Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread

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played with a set at a friends house. Had to get a pair. 

Polo duck camp shirt/ jacket. Don’t know if I’ll keep it.   

How much money you got in there hunny? 

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Also about those hearng aid batteries -


Went into a RiteAid and said I sent my girl to buy watch batteries and she came home with those. Exchanged for AA w no receipt and got my refund from Amazon as well.

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These ones are very comfy for me


I did purchase their aftermarket insoles as well


So far I love these boots. Light and no real break in period it seems.

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Here you go.


It would definitely be worth a lot of it were still sealed. As it stands I think I can probably get $80 for the bottle with no whiskey in it. So, I'll enjoy it, and sell the bottle when I'm done.


IMGP1171.thumb.JPG.6b1beba93f39b0b088a1a4463306a57b.JPG .



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Awesome. I go on rants about this all the time, it shows how dim-witted people can be.

In AZ, the front plate is not required, yet some dealers drill and add their plate, then the dimwits leave it on.



On the other hand, I'd like to thank the dimwits for helping me to ID unmarked cops.

Three things the fuzz don't roll with:

1. Dealership stickers or license plate frames (first thing I look for, n'shit)

2. Crap in the rear window ledge (stuffed taz devils and unicorns, n'shit)

3. Crap dangling from the rear view mirrors (Puerto Ricans hanging CDs, n'shit)

In NY DT's have orange or blue EZ Passes.

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They feel great for my arches and are comfy


At first I was worried they may be a little too thick though because they didn't leave much room in the toe box. I was having issues w my toes rubbing the steel toe.


Everything has worked itself out though. Would recommend if you can cover the cost. I think they were like another $40

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Also like a 30 day return window for them if not happy

And I believe they get replaced for free whenever you take the boots in for conditioning or repair. Don't quote me on this last part.

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Not sure how I slept on these markers for so long, they've made my canvas work so much easier.






My recent set ups.



Not my picture, but I did buy one for $23 shipped on ebay - new in shrink. At that price, I should have bought 2!

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