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Yeah! They're great. I still have the one I lived out of while backpacking. A bit cumbersome for airtravel but perfect for camping!



Also awesome--- is this thing! Impact resistant, battery powered, gasketed, supposedly submergable, LOUD, and uses an AUX cord so compatible w almost anything! Perfect for the beach, camping, etc etc



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Pretty stoked on this $2 goodwill pick up


Google says 1960s-70s



Edit: it's a tall mug. Not so much a stein or a beer mug but almost like a double tall coffee cup. Clear glass w the matte black over top and exposed clear glass on bottomside.

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Are thy worth it? Had a talk about this tonight. Still ride up while sitting??

Short story: Yes

I have wider thighs now from riding and actually working out so that helps. They have enough elastic material that it will actually stay rather put. They look better than boxers too. However they can move around and need a tweak here and there but not as much as boxers. I think i just accepted the bunching up with boxers and thats why i ended up wearing them so long. People on Amazon were pretty crazy about them. I recommend doing what i did and just order a single pair and try them out for a day.


They are apparently good for really humid climates as well. I couldn't say because i live on the west coast.

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I switched to boxer briefs/trunks about 5 years ago. For the most part I stick to Hanes or Jockey and I have little issue with riding like I used to with regular boxers. I have thunder-thighs (big ass and big quads) so regular boxers bunch like a mother fucker on me.


On the days I miss the open freedom of boxers I just free ball.


Never worn the exofficio stuff.

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All I wear are boxer briefs but I'm thinking of making a brand switch away from Fruit of the Loom.


was wondering if there's any really difference between these and a 'nicer' brand of boxer briefs like those above or maybe Tommy or CK or some shit... Under Armor?

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I haven't worn under armor.

I've had some Adidas sport types that were super comfy. Target has a brand "evolve" that I like as well.


I was under the impression that ex officio is the brand that is supposed to be naturally mosquito repellent and that is their single selling point.

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