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Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread

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You may be outta luck for a bit.

There are some Ryobi ones that are AM/FM that I've seen guys use. You might be able to work something out with that. I know people play their iPods over FM in their cars w/out Bluetooth.

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played with a set at a friends house. Had to get a pair. 

Polo duck camp shirt/ jacket. Don’t know if I’ll keep it.   

How much money you got in there hunny? 

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Yea I hear ya

The jack on these is behind the ear. I tuck the cord down the back of my jacket, under my armpit, and have it connected to my phone that's in a breast pocket on the inside of my work jacket.


Later in the day of it's too warm for the jacket I have to cord down the back of my shirt to phone in back jeans pocket

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Taiwanese =/= Thai



I'm guessing that was a .....



















































































































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Have you had it before? What do the Thai do differently? Very interested in this.

Yeah, so as cleverly stated, the Taiwanese are from Taiwan and are not to be confused with the Thai of Thailand. I can't say they do something differently, they're not reinventing the wheel, but it is well crafted and has won several awards. Since most people might not think of Taiwan, or even Japan, when it comes to whisky, I think they're doing something right when they beat out brands from Ireland, Scotland, etc. I got a private tasting at their distillery and was pretty impressed. Taiwan is a very different climate from Ireland/Scotland, so they had brought people in from there to teach them how to go through the whole process and adapt to these circumstances so they could produce a top of the line product. They make a couple different whiskeys that were all top notch, and the tasting was very informative. Unfortunately, it is harder to find in the states and pricey compared to others. But tasty.

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$19.95 shipped

10 pk boxers yo!


Thanks to this thread



Also got a new phone

LG G2 , unlocked

Once again thanks to slickdeaks



rooted it/ new rom no contract $210 shipped .. Now lurking for a case.

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The average guy buys new underwear every six years or some shit. Good purchase.


I think an upgrade in the quality of underwear and socks will be the next upgrade I make to my wardrobe.


There has to be something more comfortable than hanes and fruit of the loom out there.


They're fine most o the day but always get uncomfortable while I'm in class.


The people behind me must thing I'm either constantly digging out wedgies or have a horse cock I have to adjust every half hour.


I think next time I'm at a Ross or TJ Maxx or whatever I'll grab a two pack of some fancy ones to give a try.


Anyone have experience w CK or whatever boxer briefs?


Gold Toe socks will be what I get most likely.

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What was Taiwan like? Would you go back?

Too lengthy an answer for here. I've been several times. Probably not the 1st Asian country most would choose to visit, maybe not last on the list either. Depending if you ask the Taiwanese or the Chinese, it is or isn't part of China. Very liberal attitude to graf. When I first went you could basically roll up on whatever at night and paint it. People would pull over and cheer you on, not much in the way of penalties if you were smart about what you painted. Several legal walls in the numerous parks in the main cities, and the generic paint over there is rusto quality and covers on bare wall. Some good sites, good food, eye candy to you heart's delight if you like Asian girls. Seems like a lot of West Coast and Canadian writers pass through on a visit.

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