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played with a set at a friends house. Had to get a pair. 

Polo duck camp shirt/ jacket. Don’t know if I’ll keep it.   

How much money you got in there hunny? 

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honestly, I haven't even opened it yet. it says we need at least 4 people to play, and I haven't had time to set something up with friends.


its supposed to be like apples to apples, but just really fucked up.


theres a bunch of youtube videos of people playing it.



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I finally put my dell laptop down for good.


15-inch Mac Book Pro w Retina display.... $2,799.00. yeah, fuck that. I made my company pay for it.

Took some getting used to, but I love it.



I finally broke down and got my kids an (new) Apple iPad 2

16GB WiFi & Bonus Accessory Kit from walmart for $399.. not too bad.

Walmart refurbs are not factory, and im not giving a 2 & 4 yr old a retina. so it is what it is.

That shit is like crack to them, but it gets them to clean up their toys & eat their meals.






Yeah, me and adam jackson, mac-fags for life

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1. Holy fuck, when did Caligula become a mod?! Have I been away so long?


2. Jawnz:

80's REI Co-op Gore-tex Parka



Timberland Scrambles



Gearing up for the great outdoors. Gotta look fly for all the squirrels, trout, and deer.

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They are pricey, but they are wholly superior to your standard cooler.


Some of the metal walled coleman's are close in their ability to keep your shit cold, but yetis and pelicans are a totally different class of cooler.

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So i just picked up the 65 QT Pelican...im going camping next weekend an ill let you know how she goes!!


its fucking heavy, that is the first thing i noticed once i picked it up. However it is pretty damn sturdy and awesome!


Lifetime guarantee as well. so i have easily spent twice the value of this cooler in the past one ones that break and or suck.

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well it depends...you have a travel trailer now so i assume the ability to freeze and store food. I camp in the interior of BC a fair bit where daytime temps can get to 40 (105+). So ice lasts a day in a conventional cooler which i also have.


I didn't want to spend 1000 on an Engel or ARB fridge just yet. I want my food safe and beers cold when Im very far away from ice/stores/civilization and my camp is set up. Also it's nice to know that bears will have a hard time from even telling there is food around my camp.


so there are benefits to me that maybe others wont have.

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