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i met anthony in minneapolis back in 97-98 when he was sitting at the seward cafe. he had just done a kids character and outline on one of those 360 degree spherical etch-a-sketches. you know the kind that rotates when you turn the horizontal axis knob? and it was perfect. we both were into hopping trains, hitchhiking and greyhounds as a last resort, drinking and punk rock. if there is a few things about graffiti that i learned from him.

graffiti is a secret indentity. fuck the tough guy/gangster mentality. you don't have to ride crews. graffiti and corporations = selling out. fuck legal walls. have fun. find your own spots....

oh man i am going to miss him dearly for the rest of my life....


oh yeah, you never heard him talking shit....

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It's kind of crazy because I actually only knew Anothy for a short time, but it felt like we've been hanging out for years. And we actually were able to accomplish a lot of damage in such a short time. We had some good adventures and I saw some crazy videos he made. I remember him telling me he had a video of him cutting himself and I was thinking who is this guy? Then I saw the video and the cut was deep and nasty, blood everywhere and he had the scar of all scar's to prove it. He was a crazy lovable guy.

Anyone that punches Shepard Fairy is ok in my book.

His characters are always great to see and we'll definitely do are part in keeping the name alive.

You'll definitely be missed!

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this guy taught me the fun of bombin the cutty spots.

RIP to a real fun tag to look at day in and day out..


because lord knows this fool beat me to a lot of chill spots even in my own home town.



Rest In Peace,

condolences to his friends and family.

never met him, but he will be remembered for a while to come.



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Anthony you will be missed. I came up in Dallas when Anthony was still squatting around with the rest of those crazy punk kids. As a person you couldn't meet anyone more real or humble. My prayers go out

to his family and loved ones.


God Bless

from V.Q East Dallas is with you.

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as the this post grows strong and days are flonged>recently these days of kids are gone>solemly i post a grimmace turn, of if its true this brothers gurnth, is a mere reminder of our true path of artists mainstream and underground clasj>jell it rises above>>we"ll learn drunken aprrectionation of our monks>fuck all the bullshit rhi motherfuker is part of a revolution of graffiti that unites us all>without this graffiti sect ther would be no fukin graffiti from coast to coast >>>the die i fukin die is the day the welrd is full of lies and that day nips sukles at the werld full of chaos i earned to create>my landscape .MY TRUE ESCAPE>

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