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Anthony will always be the one RARE person where you can't find one person to say one bad thing about him.Jason,remember how when we'd go out painting with Anthony we'd have 12 to 14 cans each of us and Anthony would come with three,yet he'd smash the whole area with that iconic self portrait and big tags,we'd come back the next day for flicks and Anthony just out-shined everything we did and those same three cans would go for the next night!!!!I've never understood how the paint would last him.


Here's a fun Anthony fact: 10-12 years ago shepard fairy was having an art show in austin Anthony was in attendance pocket full of stickers,and drinking free gallery wine....Anthony being WAY ahead of his time starts to put his stickers in the gallery and on shepards lame prints.Of course in art fag tough nature shepard is screaming "who the fuck is this guy?where is he?" somebody points Anthony out,shepard towering a foot and a half over Anthony,shepard comes from behind and sucker punches him, Anthony, grabs shepard and 1-2-3 he is on the ground with Anthony on top of him.Turns out Anthony's brother taught him all these take down moves for his rail travels.Those rail travel ventures were an epic that if written they would make Hemingway green with envy.

I still always think of that picture of you,three or four years old dressed up as a tecate can with your dad.

Only Anthony could own the pleasure of putting hands on fairy......yet he never bragged about it......he'd actually say that was he was at fault and it shouldn't have happened. You always made everyone laugh yet if I made you laugh that would feel like a huge accomplishment.

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