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Bad Medicine

i was made to.....?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

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:D :D :D :D so seyer and i were in TC and all the sudden the topic came up as....what were you made to?

yo it could be

*i was made to the sound of*

*i was made to the song of*

*i was made to ________*


here are some good ones i got from the chatz:D


*i was made to NO NO NO NO *

:D :D

*i was made to, EEhhhh...whyz teh condom offf


*i was made to FUCK MAN U SAID SHE WAS 18 HOMIE

*i was made to Hey my homiew sayz he wanna play n lay too

*i was made to YO b throw her in the back when ur done make sure to hide that duct tape

*i was made to FUUUUUUUUUUU

*i was made to Hello, why dont you have a seat over ther

*i was made to ahh shit when did you say that abortion clinic closed?

*i was made to WTF are you crying for!!!!?!!?!?

*i was made to oh shit ur little sister said she was in this room u on the pill?!?!?

*i was made to yo that my belly buytton u dumb fuck

*i was made to just cause your my sister dosent mean i have to marry you

*i was made to "am i doing this right?

*i was made to WTF BRIAN is that really a fuckin camera


hahha theres many more make ur own ?










:D :D

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I was made to "oh hey nice to meet you "


I was made to "how's my dick taste?"


I was made to the very first episode of when the first "you are not the father" dance

appeared on the maury show.

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i was made to believe this was an interesting thread.



99% of this stuff isn't funny once you take it off tinychat.

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LOL i think swindle is "so UMAD" you see i didnt just say "MAD" i had to add the "U" even though it makes me sound like a fucking 2nd grader LOLZ

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