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Magic and Bird: A Courtship of Rivals

earl broclo ESQ

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My friends redneck stepdad loves Larry Bird because he's white.

He went on a drunken tirade one night about how he was better than Jordan, but got passed over for all the fame and fortune because he wasn't black and basketball is a black sport.


He also blamed his team not winning a pool championship due to the rap music that was playing at the pool hall.


Cool story br0.


I saw this a lil' bit on HBO.

HBO documentaries and sports stuff is always made well.

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Seen it the other day. Excellent special. Most people if at least Lakers or Celtic fans think they know all about the rivalry, but you do get more out of this special. It's fucked up how Isiah and Magic were enemies/friends then what Isiah said when he found out Magic and the HIV. I feel the 80's were some of the best games the NBA had with Lakers/celtics, Lakers/pistons etc with MJ thrown in the mix. You had basically the whole decade with these rivalries. Unthinkable in todays free agency no loyalty all money ball. /nh

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