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Cross Country Road Trip

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I know there have been numerous threads on here regarding road trips, but a search didn't turn up a whole lot.


My girl and myself are taking a road trip from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, and I was wondering if you guys had any input. I mean, whenever something happens in real life, I better consult Ch.0 to get some valuable ideas.


We don't have a route nailed down yet, so any suggestions will be welcomed. Places to stop, places to avoid, routes to take, routes to avoid. General advice regarding long periods of time in a car.. We're also trying to keep cost as low as possible.


We did the trip by train last year, which was fucking awesome, and this summer will be by car.


So any have any experiences to share? Let me know!

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Hahah not exactly the advice I was expecting, but nevertheless, thanks.


Having the car break down would suck, but I do have AAA so that would help.


We've been through a lot, and haven't murdered each other yet, so I think I'm safe on that one

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i remember when i was about 18 it dawned on me that EVEN numbers go EAST and WEST when you're dealing with INTERSTATES and ODD go NORTH and SOUTH, so obvious and simple but usually goes unnoticed

i drove to sioux falls south dakota on 90 up north. nothing but baron land, right after chicago

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I'm supposed to go to Georgia with HATERS fat ass this summer but he'll probably break my car down from weight alone, and I'll probably be so drunk I crash into a wall before that happens.


true , false , true.

georgia rules cause i'm a real nigga.

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hey. didnt read most of the posts. dont northeast to south drive up and back a bunch and looped around the country a few times. but to the point:


i did the drive 3 years ago from philly too LA when i moved out here. went to tennesee.took the 40 then the 10 stright to LA. i hauled ass and made it in 4 days. the south is pretty flat. huge mega churches everywhere. weird relig shit. you can stop off in nearby cites and towns along the way. if your a foodie look up some bbq joint and regional cusine shit. might as well if your there. that the southern route.


northern id say take this if your gonna stop in vegas. i never took this route but im going to be taking it later this month when i drive back to philly. im pretty stoked about it bcause i get to see pretty ass utah and colorado. and i never been to nebraska or cleveland. im also gonna hit up chicago to see some friends.


id stay if you wanna go more or a city route take the north. weather will be right for it too. or you can just loop it. north on way there, south on way back...... yea do that.


have an amazing time. take lots of pics, make sure you have food. pack a separate tolettry bag that is accessable to you on the road. drink lots of coffee and get rest if needed.


hit me up if any more questions!

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Take it slow.

Use cruise control.

Pull over if you start dozing.

Take lots of pictures.

Don't drive with weed in the car.

Hump in as many states as you can.


no no no.. just don't smoke in the car and keep it in the trunk kind of packed away.


to the original poster, bring a laptop, and a converter to plug your computer or phone charger into the electrical socket and download a bunch of things before you leave. or buy dvds which ever you prefer. get your car checked out lol. if you just want to get straight out west, i don't see why you dont take the masspike to the ny thruway onto 95 and then out west on 80? just drive straight across the country. if/when i do my roadtrip, i figure that would be the best way. if you want to check places, start going on google maps and fucking around with your start and finish addresses and everything in between you want to see.


/end story

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fuck driving. i always wanted to take the train though. bout how much was that if ya don't mind me askin??





The train was fuckin dope. I can't remember the exact price, but it was under $300 round trip I think. This road trip will be one way though. Then just factor in food/booze. There were a few times when it felt like forever in between stops I could smoke a cig at, but honestly, it didn't even bother me that much. If you're interested in more about the train, shoot me a PM, I actually started a write up of my trip last year.


Anyone have any idea what gas ended up costing total? Granted, I know the price fluctuates daily, and different vehicles would have different gas mileage, but just a ballpark.


The train trip was the northern route, leaving Springfield, hitting Chicago, then to LA. So I'm thinking we might switch it up this time, and go a bit more south.


We will definitely be taking lots of pictures, and get the car checked out before we head out, haha

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My girl and I drove from Boston south to New Orleans. Than took rt.10 west the rest of the way across the country.

It hits austin, pheonix and then LA. With a lot of amazing desert scenes in between.


From LA take the 1 north to Oregon. Most beautiful ride in the nation.



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ive driven from one end of I40 to the other, was pretty fun i guess. we live in wilmington nc and we used to drive up to whidbey island washington state to visit relatives every year. all i can say is burn alot of CD's and when you see that roadside stand selling cactus smoothies youd better pull the fuck over because no, there is not another one somewhere in the desert.

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Don't leave any shit visible when you leave your car.

This should be common sense to alot of people but people get complacent.


Roadtrips are about the only time I smoke weed anymore. Makes long car rides with music and scenery more enjoyable. Probably good idea not to smoke in the car, mainly cos you can probably find a lot of cool places to stop and smoke along the way.


I'd say be flexible as possible. I did a big road trip in europe and it was good being able to get to a city and bounce the next day if it was shit.

There were also other cities and places we wanted to stay longer but had to go.


I reckon a third person would be good, although might be a bit weird if its just you and your chick. But you definately need to make sure the dynamics are on point otherwise people get on each others nerves. I didnt have that cos everyone i went was pretty chill but I can see how it happens.


I dont know much about America but I know you got some cool National Parks, check some of them out. Do wild camping if you chick is up for it.

Wild camping kicks ass, and its free. and is relaxing as shit.


Also if camping, invest in one of these. Cheap as shit and can cook all tpyes of shit out in the wild:




And take flicks and post them up here.

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