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DAY DRINKING... (appreciation of spring)

yeaaaah baby

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whoever said that drinking out of a coconut is gay is a retard.


getting drunk, bbqing, good music, street football, gin and tonic out of a freakin coconut, and appropriate weather. one of the most un gay combonations known to man. the only thing missing were explosions and epic beasts fighting for our amusement.


then this girl i fucked once came to the party and i convinced her i changed my name to Shamus McGillicutty and got dome from her in the bathroom while a caged rabbit stared the whole time.

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totally down with drinking in the day - especially all day if done correctly.


1. no tequila for me. it will result in puke later in the night if drinking commences.

2. sugar will always give me headaches - try to save the sugary drinks for later. they are easier to drink so if you 'sober up' in the middle of your drinking, you can usually slam a jameson and coke pretty easily. or rum and coke...whatever is on hand.

3. wine is always a bad choice if you are drinking all day. champange in the morning is cool, as long as the drinking lasts.



i like beer but it sobers me up if i drink a lot of it. not sure why. maybe it makes me so full. i generally drink whiskey or rum all day if i am fittin to be drunk for hours and hours.

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whatever, drinking from coconuts is professionally dope. i don't care where you are. buy them shits from cambodian street vendors or whatever. and really, you don't even need the alcohol because you're going to feel better just drinking the juice. of course, i was just posted up on an island for a few months so it has some sentimental value for me too i guess.



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i have no classes tomorrow or thursday.

please believe im boutta be wasted on those days.


wednesday is cesar chavez day, so that means hittin the mexican spot up for some Arrachera, Ceviche, and six packs of Modelo. also the homeboy is gettign a couple kegs, should be fun.

thursday is just a normal day, but i can dig drinking for it.



i refuse to believe drinking out of a coconut is gay.

its gay to order one at a bar and pay extra for its novelty,

but if you got one lyin around,

aint nothing homo about pouring alcohol into it.


but hey,

you are entitled to your opinion, god bless the USA

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