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yeaaaah baby

DAY DRINKING... (appreciation of spring)

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been drunk all day

drank G&T's out of a coconut.

70 degreee weather.


life is great.


now im boutta eat dinner/shower

spring time is awesome.



cool to be back here without warning messages.

i love you guys!

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7:41am.. i'm still drinking from last night, does this count as day drinking? i mean the sun is up an them birds is singing... i need to go to bed.....

blaze'nthe rest of this an crash'n...


day time drinking in general is my shit!

i wake up around 3pm..

drink coffee for a couple hours n wake n bake..

then switch to beer around 5 or 6....

the earlier i wake up, the sooner it's beer thirty...



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Fuck off man, I'll drink out of a coconut. Last summer I got this ballin' ass blender and all I did was make tropical drinks that were so good you couldn't even tell how extremely alcoholic they were. I would be wasted by 6, take a nap, then go out and party for 10.



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nigga you drank what out a coconut?

drinking out of coconuts be gay bruh.


The gays can't have that one. Boat drinks are the way to go. Drinking a "Voodoo Saturday Night" or "Crippling Monkey Punch" out of a Tiki head mug is not gay. Drinking something with copious amounts of alcohol from a coconut is not gay. It might look a little gay, but it's refreshing and fucks you up. I have never actually drank from a coconut, but I've definitely ordered up plenty of drinks that looked like a fruit basket and smelled like a rum bath.




If you can't drink a boat drink, you might need to check your homophobia. Sucking dicks and plugging assholes makes you gay, but a good strong fruity drink doesn't. I think you might be over ANALyzing the name "COCKtail."

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i had a flask of kraken last night. damn good stuff.


woke up n drank some jameson and coffee.



drunk by noon

but thats okay

ill be president someday

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My last apartment had a two tiered porch on the front of it. Everyone who lived in the building were good friends and we all partied together, so there was many a mid day drinking session on the porch. I definitely miss those days.


It's always funny to start drinking around noon, then taking a 6pm nap, waking up and drinking again from 10pm to 3am. My liver hates me.

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