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blood fart

if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all

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Today at work I left my iPod in my jacket pocket in the locker room.

Some jerk rifled through my pockets and stole it.

There are no cameras in the locker room and they refused to do a locker/bag search.

It was the second time this exact thing has happened in 2 weeks, but the managers never told us about the first incident.

Had I known, I would have locked it away in my locker, but I was in a rush and only had a hour left before I got off so I figured it would be alright and nobody would do something that shitty.

I don't really get mad too often, but I was fucking furious.

So mad that I wanted to either cry or smash someone's head in with a brick.


I got home and made a flyer that said I lost it and was offering a $200 reward with no questions asked.

Hopefully the idiot who took it will see the flyer and want the money and contact me.

Then the only reward they will be getting is that I am letting them walk away and keep their teeth.


This comes right after some other bad news involving money which has me pretty stressed.

I had been working for the last 6 months to save money to fly my niece over here for her summer break and show her around Europe.

Now it's looking like that won't be happening because I will have to work the summer through.

I miss her and wanted her to be able to experience how I live while I am still here in Germany.


Plus, I've been working my ass off at this shitty job and recently got my performance evaluation.

It was almost a perfect score and I was told was pretty much the best one I could get because they can't ever give someone a perfect score because it will look like favoritism.

I was reccommended for a promotion.

The thing is that I work for a corporation that is only concerned with making the most money they can, so the position I was reccommended for doesn't even exist.

Then I got paid and saw that I got a buster ass 40cent raise.

Never in my life have I gotten such a chintzy ass raise.


Seeing as how I don't sprechen sie Deutsche, nor have a work permit..the only places that I am legally able to work are for places on the military base.

So it's not as if there are tons of jobs here that I can get, so I am kind of stuck at this menial shit job until something else comes along.

Basically another menial shit job that just pays more.



So yeah.

Work is for jerks.

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I've always had jobs, but never worked for food,rent,bills,etc.

Always just for luxury items and extras.

Not that I live a lavish life, actually I think I have pretty cheap tastes and don't really spend a lot of money unless I am on a trip.

Initially with this job, I was working to save for tattoos and trips...but now I have some shit that came up that will probably be taking my money.


Working to make ends meet is kind of a bummer.

Working to make ends meet and get jacked while at work is even more of a bummer.




On the upside of things, the weather is nice and I've started training again for BMX race season.

Hatred really motivates me to work out super hard.

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Shitty bout yer cuz.be a good expierience for a kid.


If she can't roll out send her a somethin small from germany once a week. Same day so she knows its comin.


Not like "gifts" but stuff to show her some of there culture.


Her imagination will run with it huge and her curiosity about the country will be somethin that lasts a lifetime.


I remember weird stupid shit from when I was a kid, just like everybody else. And grew hyper interested in random shit.


One of which was drugs. Curiosity for as long back as I can remember almost.


Which led to a black void of like 10 years into my adolecenet and early adulthood.


Get her interested in foreign places and the mystique behind them.

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keep yer head up... im getting evicted today


i feel bad for you son.

i got 99 problems,

my bitch is 85 of 'em,

but the rent aint one

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Apparently if you have the serial number to your iPod you can find out when someone hooks it to their computer and downloads music it via iTunes. Not sure how true this is, or how much this would help, but it might be worth looking into.




Too bad the type of person that ganks iPods prob isnt the type of person to buy music off iTunes

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i only read the first post in this thread, but it sounds better than my life.


...white people...


I could elaborate on the financial situation at hand, but I don't want to put out things that are of personal nature that effect more than just myself.

But the recent turn of events is pretty horrible and makes me hate people who can't do their jobs properly and I have to suffer for their mistakes.





And as far as my niece goes, I send her care packages all the time and will continue to do that as I can afford it.

She was just real stoked to come see me because we are super close and she was excited about seeing the things here that I have told her about.

I don't like having to go back on things that I have promised to do, especially when it comes to my niece.

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my ipod got run over by a truck the other morning. if there was a brick near by, it would have been thrown at said truck. Thought it was toast, but it made it out with just a few scratches.

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i used to work for walmart....unloading trucks..i stole my ipod and several others...let my car door open one night..same ipod i stold got stole from me....haha....go figure

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Yeah, bad luck for me always comes in clusters.


Just this past Friday I was told I was going to be let go the same day my dog was put to sleep, and my phone went through the laundry the night before.




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Bummer about yer neice

hey yer still gonna be getting paid more to do the same job. And now you know you don't gotta break yer back everyday at work because they're fulla shizen.

Shoulda known better about the iPod. I'll leave it at that.


Sounds like LWOP beach time eh


someone post that poster of a cat saying 'hang in there!' for Blood fart!

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