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Delicious or Distasteful Advertising.


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Ive always cruised the roadways, read magazines, perused newspapers, and took a couple of ganders of the business stickers alongside trucks. My observations sometimes frustrate me because some companies have the worst/greatest ads and company symbols. This thread is for those good and bad things were exposed to every day. Ive been wanting to see if this could be a thread to pop off. I come unprepared but lets see if I can work up a few examples to get this going....


A favorite of mine to see on the road. Knights Transportation. I love their logo. The representation of the name and also the blending into the letter is good.



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Agreed. Ive always loved their symbol. Even though its not a pick but this one quick ad of theirs has always been a good laugh.



On the other hand.... Sierra Mists first design was poppy and fun looking. Not the greatest but it really towers over the new sad, scarey, cheep horror movie look of the second and now current design.







On the note of soda...I absolutely HATE Pepsi's new design for their Regular, diet, max. The little sphere of theirs was fine with out the fluctuation of the inner white line with thickness variation. I mean I get what theyre going for but it looks so lopsided and un-proportional. Maybe the curves themselves arent defined enough for me like the ones in the original....






Although the classic look is sexy...


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haha never really took it to thought. In the end I like Pepsi better but over all I dont drink soda. Cocacola did do it right the first time. Their logo has such a good structure to it. It doesnt "age" so to speak. No matter how old it gets it wont ever look dated. I think the 1973 Pepsi should have stuck but who knows why theyve changed it so much...in all reality it didnt seem there was a need to change it due to competition.

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I know this is a given but c'mon...Has anyone else ever taken an abstract shape, tied it to a mythical God's name and gotten so far?


















































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In June 1971, Davidson presented a number of design options to Knight and other BRS executives, and they ultimately selected the mark now known globally as the Swoosh. Davidson submitted a bill for $35 for her work. (In 1983, Knight gave Davidson a gold Swoosh ring and an envelope filled with Nike stock to express his gratitude.)

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Typography based logos:






Fuck Yes^^





That is very nice. It reminded me of a logo I use to hate instead of liking in my old area. Ive been trying to dig it up. It actually was the one that made me want to start this thread. It was a plumbing company that had two "P"s and the way they did their symbol with the two letter Ps back to back...it looked like a blue penis diagram posted on their truck. Hilarious it might have been but poor choice in advert.

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