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Happy St. Joseph's Day

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already had mine.






non eyetalians are not privy to such holidays, especially ones that are shadowed by bigger irish ones. but we still have better food (us eyetals), so it all works out.

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We talking big feasts or massive amounts of people getting drunk over something they don't understand?




we talkin about world domifuckination my man. theres a whole world of vaporizers out there but theres only one you so be all the fuck you can be and never, i repeat never go to a swimming pool alone and youll do just fine so long as our fucking gyroscope dont flip topple n turn amidst a pissed off solar system with the mother of all loads burning right beside us without a fuckin thing we could ever do to protect our loved ones siblings and cattle in the fields.


i say fuck it and sleep underneath the mcdonalds two nights outta every week while the slaves outside do there marching bandwagoning moonwalks all the way to texas and then onto new orleans.


aint no two ways about it, shits FACT.

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