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vegas - boston - NY - philly


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Never seen anyone list it in the things to do threads for NYC before, but look up the Museum of Sex in Manhattan and the MTA Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Both cool IMO if those type of things interest you. The MTA museum doesn't take long to cover & you can get a cool overview of how they built shit as well as seeing some of the classic old subway cars.

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your in luck, the university of Nevada Las Vegas gets on spring break while your there (i live in vegas) so expect lots of whorish coeds participating in wet-t-shirt contests and the like. Also don't be afraid to go off-strip for cheaper drinks and seedy action! Good luck!

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thanks everyone. im geting excited. if its spring break during the time ill be in vegas, i will shoot myself.we're going to lotus of siam. ever been there?


i would go to the museum of sex but i dont think the boyfriend would be into it. MTA sounds awesome tho. i should check that out. here is a list of places we wanna go to:










anyone check out those places?

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i always tell people to check these out first....they are updated weekly with all nightlife/food/and any form of art appreciation (there is not much here)


The strip is more for the touristy type if your into that...downtown is much more chill, less expensive, and more local type of love. great for bar hopping as well. blocks are smaller, so you can cover a lot more ground in less time it seems, rather than walking up the strip, (and forgetting you must get back)

dont know if you have room reservations or not yet...but downtown isnt as haggard as it used to be...they have re-vamped many hotels..keeping the look, but new inside.

the weather has been high 70's..so beautiful out..but check it before you get here.

food is all over the place here, and isnt really known for anything particular.

if you want to shop..ill tell you more. i will also give you my fat ass brothers number..(if he's working the days your here) he drives cab. he speaks english.


Spring break falls march 27-ending april 4.

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oh yeah...dont think you can out run cars here when your crossing the street. pedestrians really dont have the right of way ( i dont know about other cities) but if you get hit by a car, and your ass wasnt in the crosswalk...no matter how dead you are, you still get the 'j-walk' ticket.

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for bars in philly, dirty frank's. and tatooed mom's

i'm sure you can find addresses online.


visiting philly now and these bars are def the shat..

i'd ad Mcglinchys and The Dive to the list..


silk city diner was decent, apparently they have "club" attached that has dj's n shit a couple nights a week..


sneaker spots on South street near like 5th? and on chestnut near 18th or so..


rittenhouse park in decent people watching..


what part of brooklyn?

i was in bushwick and checked things there last weekend.


sounds like a dope trip.

have fun..


pm if ya want..

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Heading to San Francisco at the end of June. What should I while there, where's good to eat, etc etc???





1. Dottie’s blue plate for breakfast

2. Nopalito for good ‘organic’ Mexican food

3. Taqueria El Farlito for down n dirty cheap Mexican…or La cumbre if you like taco salads.

4. Muddy waters on Valencia and 16th for coffee

5. Dolores park – it will be nice out. Shit will be filled with stupid hipsters though

6. If it’s 3AM and you’re looking for a hoppin club that’s 24 hours – the end up (but I warn you….)

7. Nopa if you are feeling fancy

8. The Bloodhound bar if you love amazing cocktails

9. Anchor brewery for a tour

10. Whole Foods Market in potrero hill has a bistro (cheap all natural burgers….theyre really good) and beer on tap

11. Ocean beach is always nice

12. You can walk over the golden gate bridge

13. Fishermans warf/pier 39. Extremely expensive tourist trap. I would avoid

14. Golden gate park +haight st. overrated, another tourist trap but they have some alright record stores/clothing stores. Don’t buy weed here.



1. Lake temescal – nice and you can swim there too

2. The trappist – amazing beer house. Micro/or local brews only

3. Guadlajara in east Oakland – amazing burritos. Truck is open until 1am

4. Piedmont Ave.: kinda lame but they have some good restaurants.

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