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Rapper uses father's credit card to buy 75,000 of his Itunes Song.


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found an article talkin bout debuting number one on itunes before he was busted stuffin his bra.


theres a couple youtube songs posted on page aswell, and ya. hes not that bad. sounds like everything else on the radio. waaaaaaaay to much autotune but there alot worse out there. TOO BAD YOU PLAYED YOURSELF DUMMY.



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22 year old soccer captain decides he wants a slice of fame.

decides music is his path to it.

buys people to write songs for him, use auto-tune to cover up no talent.

7 months later album gets on itunes, and he buys it out 75000 songs.

tells pops he will repay the 20k he owes after he gets his percentages from itunes.

gets number 1 on itunes.

every last one of the mindless chumps and chumpettes out there buy the album because its number 1 on itunes.

his bank account reaches 6 figures for the first time.

secretly doesnt care if people find out that he bought 75000 of his own songs, because he knows that either way he is the talk of the town.

people make threads about him on the internet.



you guys are trippin this fool is a genius.

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theres a good point about him getting most of the money right back, hes a douche, but he used a trick major labels use to boost sales in a better way than the majors do, since when they purchase crates of CDs they end up giving away a shitload and not making any back...

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iv heard way worse. and from the brief should i did listen to it wasnt like he was rappin about tossin stones or merkin dudes, he was talkin about college stuff. which i thought was refreshing, as in not tryin to play the part just cause his type of music is rap.


but, all in all... pretty cornball move. best thing for him to do if he wants to continue is make light of the fact he did it and spin it into a positive "lighthearted" action.


he could sell records, hes marketable.

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