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damn bueks a straight biter like real talk that fool might as well just kill himself because hes probably really uneducated bet he has no game cant get a bitch to save his life his moms prolly a fuckin crackhead ass std infested prostitute his dad's probably so ashamed og his homosexual tendencies he just completley abandoned their family and on top of all that homie tries to make up for his horrible life by writing graffiti and hes a fucking toy ass biter who gets no love because his shit is straight garbage


so sad...

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is si really trying to beef it with wkt?? how long has si been around, like a couple of months now?:confused: :confused:




yo im the head in si




and that wasnt my krew its a set up


thats a shitty si tag and i know all my members tag styles


dont believe all the shit u see on 12oz

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all bgs members




all tr members



just to name a few someone needs to wipe out all these toys straight making sj look like toyville usa


Check it out pussy I told you quit runnin your mouth if you got something to say man the fuckup and diss my shit or be a man and pm me what you write and we can do this the og way homie all u do is talk shit


Everybody wanna play poker but no body wants to throw there chips in ur like the other bitches


The haters envy

Posse life come holler at me if ur down for ur shit.

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