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Free Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne begins year jail term in NYC gun case


NEW YORK – After saying goodbye on concert stages and online video streams, Lil Wayne had nothing to add as he was sentenced Monday to a year in jail for having a loaded gun on his tour bus.


The Grammy Award-winning rapper delivered only a brief bow to fans and supporters as he was led out of a courtroom in handcuffs to start serving his sentence.


With that, Lil Wayne headed off to face his punishment in a case that had shadowed him as he became one of music's most prolific and profitable figures in recent years. Arrested in July 2007, he pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted he had the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his bus.


His lawyer, Stacey Richman, said the rapper was resolute as he was taken away.


"He knew what he had to do, and he's doing it," she said.


Lil Wayne will serve his sentence in the Rikers Island jail complex. Richman said she expected he would be held in protective custody, but the city Correction Department said it was still deciding on that. Protective custody is given to inmates who, for a variety of reasons including notoriety, require separation from the general prison population.


The 27-year-old rap star could be released in about eight months with good behavior.


Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, is going behind bars with his career in full throttle. His "Tha Carter III" was the best-selling album of 2008 and won a Grammy for best rap album. His latest album, "Rebirth," was released last month.


He made a point of leaving fans with fanfare, from a "farewell tour" in recent months to a series of videos on the Web site Ustream on Sunday.


"Law is mind without reason ... I'll return," he wrote on his Twitter account Monday morning.


Dozens of fans jockeyed with photographers waiting on the courthouse steps Monday afternoon, cheering as Lil Wayne, fellow rapper Birdman and others arrived. Shouts of "Oh, man" and "Keep your head up, Weezy!" — a nickname he often uses — erupted in the courtroom as he was sentenced.


Although Lil Wayne had agreed to go to jail, a number of roadblocks kept him from starting his sentence in recent weeks.


First, his sentencing was postponed in February so he could undergo surgery on his bejeweled teeth. Then, a fire shut down Manhattan's main criminal courthouse while he was on his way there last week.


He told Rolling Stone for a story last month that he planned to keep working while behind bars.


"I'll be still rapping in there, have a gang of raps ready when I come back home," he said.


As for listening to music, inmates are allowed to buy AM/FM radios at the jail commissary.





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my name weezy f baby. i love baby.

i drive a car to mars. take xanax bars.

stuck in a whip with no one, alone.

going against the world. sylvester stallone.

jump out and jump in another coupe.

cause im hungry like a wolf

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And I'm hotter than Summer rain like Carl Thomas

Lock, load, ready to aim at any target

I can getcha brains for a bargain

Like I bought it from Target, hip-hop is my supermarket

Shopping cart full of fake hip-hop artists

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weezy man, space man, higher then you profits

tony montana doing mobb hits. garbage. spark it.

i get brain in any lane, bitches begging for chains.

like obama i hit em with some change. insane

weezy man, im on top, like wood on a mop. spinning like a top

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weezy the rockstar, in space chillen on a star.

im on another level homie. you need cheat

codes to find me. im the man see, drink lipton ice tea.

spit game so hard i lose my teef.

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Swimming laps around a bottle of Louis The 13th

Jumping off of a mountain into a sea of Codeine

I’m at the top of the top but still I climb

And if I should ever fall, the ground will then turn to wine

Pop, Pop, I feel like flying, then I feel like frying...

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