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Classic Cars or Cars you think are classic

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I will try some more flicks in mid April these were from last years classic car show hope to get some better flicks this year.

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Very cool choice. I would throw out the Buick Grand National also (basically the same body with a pretty hot turbo-charged 6 cylinder).


Here is a favorite of mine, my dad and I finally ponied up and got one for ourselves to tinker with:


66-67 Chevy Nova


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Bought one of these back in the day before I had my license. 1962 Mercury Comet.


Not my pics but its basically a good representation of mine.



same interior



$200 bucks and we drove it home ahha. One day it just quit starting and we never found out why. Ended up selling it. A year later I came across a 1950 Plymoth Deluxe.



The guy only wanted 750 for it. He was an old man running out of time in his life and his car had been sitting in a barn. The body and paint job was perfectly redone and it was a beautiful sea foam green. All it needed was interior and mechanical work, I was up for the task. He lived a couple of states away so I sent him a deposite of only 100. He held on to it for a year and half for me. 4 months before our scheduled trip to go pick it up we got a call from his son and the guys health was failing. We lacked the time and the money to be able to get it before he died....I still kick myself in the ass for not saving correctly for that day.


I came across a 1972 super beetle around 5 years ago... bought it for 500 bucks. It ran great, was primed to paint, and really all it needed was new brakes and pans.



Was going to sell my truck at the time and throw all the money into the beetle. My parents came across a house in another state and after years of hunting decided to move....I decided to stay. Being that I wanted to make sure I had dependable transportation that didnt require me fixing before hand I had to kiss yet another opportunity good bye. Ended up selling it for 1650 though...guess you could call it a profit :)



Ive kinda given up on having something tinker with. We have a car shop on my parents property, lift and everything. You know what I really want though, crazy enough, besides all thouse purty classics. I want to be rid of my buick.....and I want my sweet lil Isuzu PuP back that I wrecked 2 years ago. I miss my lil tank.


Basically what it looked like but was white :(


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I hear ya i should have been saving to get my 67 mustang from my aunt and get it running still putting it to the back burner until i get a permanent residence.

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