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Man arrested for turning in a found firearm

ink face

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no. that is a serious topic in my opinion.


this showcases the exact reason why i continually get into arguments with people who defend cops/LE that arrest first, ask questions later. the 'let the courts sort it out' types.


the way it is now police are more likely to just arrest you on either a bogus charge or a charge that is open ended or allows for super loose interpretation, than to actually do their job and arrest people that they have probable cause on to do so legally. then when they shoot some body for no reason they yell "I WANT MY GARRITY!!!' and are essentially immune from criminal prosecution themselves.


if you defend this you are just defending making it easier for unionized law enforcement to break the law, concoct suspicion (RAS) or PC, and put people in jail for no good reason just to 'make the LE's job easier'


im not against lawyers making money and the market determining how much they are worth. obviously if you want a good lawyer that might save your life, you would be willing to pay. but what really gets me is the people who are arrested on some nonsense like this guy in the UK, or the guy in the US that was sent to prison because his legal semi auto malfunctioned that he loaned to a friend and he was charged with possession of a machine gun. (google around for the olofson case if anyone is interested) and then are bankrupted on defense against this absurdity

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Re: england sucks dick america fuck yeah


fuck england.all motherfucking day.sorry decy and all the other uk cats but your country is fucking ridiculous.




admittedly, this is a very fucked up story but im sure the actual details are a little different to those reported in the papers.


im personally pretty happy we have quite major anti-gun laws, i think its common sense to limit the number of people who can get their hands on a gun...

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this would make sense... but......

in the US for example the govt is very scared of ex military. hell they are scared of current military. they dont even allow them to be armed on military bases.

they even have issued reports about vets being possible anti government threats.


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isn't that sad? I mean honestly. I hate people....like a lot.



A man gets arrested for doing something honest and right and sent to jail for 5 years, and CEO's here at goldman sachs and AIG, steal billions of dollars from thousands of people who trusted them with their life savings and they get away scott free and with a bonus.


it really irritates my skin.

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