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I fucking hate snakes. My boy has a nasty ball python, I tell him to throw that shit in the microwave or the garbage disposal all the time. I love animals but snakes have a green light on them for horrendous torture and slow death.

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look at the bulge in its belly, this thing just ate one of their kids

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Bidura Children’s Court on December 20, 2000, heard a police statement

in relation to charges of twenty-nine sex offenses against four Trinity students,

then fifteen years old, who between April and September that year

were alleged to have “subjected two fellow boarders to more than seventy five

sexual assaults, including tying them to beds and raping them with

wooden dildos and a saucepan handle” (Connolly 2000). The court was told

of a collection of dildos made in the woodwork room and hidden under the

mattress of one of the defendants. One such implement with which the victims

were assaulted was called “the anaconda.” “Victims had their arms and

feet tied to bunks with school ties, belts or rope, as they pleaded to be

released. One victim was wrapped in packing tape from his feet to his shoulders,

then sexually assaulted. The bell for class rang and he was left to free

himself. . . . The victims could hear people laughing during the attacks, . . .

[and] witnesses often heard screaming from the dormitory,” recounted the

police “statement of facts” (Connolly 2000).


Another “younger victim, aged 14, said he was the subject of regular “indecent

and physical assaults” by numerous students. On one occasion he was

dragged into the Year 10 dormitory at lunch time and the accused rubbed his

torso up and down continuously against the victim’s bottom. The second

offender became involved and did likewise” (Connolly 2001b). There was no shortage of

evidence. About 30 witnesses were to testify, with “up to a dozen . . . believed to be boys who

were either victims or allegedly saw the attacks” (Overington 2001).

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