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2010 what we think you look like thread.


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earl directing traffic outside my old highschool






"Sheepshead highschool"? LMAO!!!


What is your football team called the Sheepshead Sheeps Heads?

Yall got bloody decapitated sheeps heads as your logo on the helmets?

Cause if so, if I was on the opposing team then that would be a lot more intimidating than a fucking Eagle or a Indian. :lol:

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^Oh snap... this nigga and his homies tried to get me with a Rambo knife a few months back!!!


And here I thought it had something to do with me telling some kid not to wax the angle-iron at the skatepark.

I had no idea it was Gliks and Bopset trying to get the drop on me for my channel zero shenanigans. :lol:

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