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Global Criminal Compliance Handbook-What micro$auce wants to reveal about you

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Global Criminal Compliance Handbook




Microsoft Online Services will respond to emergency requests outside of normal business hours if the emergency involves "the danger of death or physical injury to any person…" as permitted in 18 U.S.C. § 2702(b)(8) and ©(4). Emergencies are limited to situations like kidnapping, murder threats, bomb threats, terrorism threats, etc. If you have an emergency request, please call the law enforcement hotline at (425) 722-1299.




The report describes what information is available from Microsoft Online services for police and ingelligence services, including:

E-mail Services Authentication Service: Windows Live ID

Instant Messaging: Windows Live Messenger

Social Networking Services: Windows Live Spaces & MSN Groups

Custom Domains: Windows Live Admin Center & Office Live Small Business

Online File Storage: Office Live Workspace & Windows Live SkyDrive

Gaming: Xbox Live






Stored E-mail Records for MSN Premium Customers

Microsoft's systems only store the e-mails a user has elected to maintain in the account. Therefore, the only e-mails provided in response to legal process seeking stored e-mail content will be the e-mails stored in the "Folders on MSN" section of a user's account.

Be aware that users may also store e-mail content on their computer's hard drive. Microsoft will not be able to disclose e-mail content stored on a user's computer --- only e-mail content stored on Microsoft's e-mail servers.






What records are retained and for how long?

Both registration and IP connection history records are retained for the life of the gamertag account. Because the volume of IP connection history records may be large, when possible please ask for the specific date range of records you are specifically interested in receiving. A full listing of retained records is below:

* Credit card number

* First/last name with zip code

* Serial number but only if box has been registered online. "Console ID" is better.

* Service request number from Xbox Hotline (e.g. SR 103xx-xx-xx)

* E-mail account (e.g. @msn.com, @hotmail.com or any other Windows Live ID account name)

* IP history for the lifetime of the gamertag (only one gamertag at a time)

If your investigation involves a stolen Xbox console, if the console serial number or Xbox LIVE user gamertag is provided and the console has been connected to the Internet, IP connection records may be available



Information that may be disclosed with a subpoena.
Basic subscriber information includes name, address, length of service (start date), screen names, other email accounts, IP address/IP logs/Usage logs, billing information, content (other than e-mail, such as in Windows Live Spaces and MSN Groups) and e-mail content more than 180 days old as long as the governmental entity follows the customer notification provisions in ECPA (see 18 U.S.C. §§ 2703(b), 2705.)






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