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Teaching english abroad.

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For the past few months i've been thinking more and more that after finishing this year of study, i should go teach english somewhere for a while. Im thinking indonisia or south east asia, vietnam most likley, i will have the basic teaching requirments. One of my friends di it in south africa and said it was oneof the best things she's done.


Has any one done anything like this? know anyone who has? Do you need to be perfectly fluent in the language? Is it shit? is it rad? Do students line up with there vaginas out?


Theres a few companys offering positions but getting some persoanl opinions would be tops.

Although this year of study for me is only just starting, doing it in the gap between next year is my plan.


Any way, whats up 12oz it's been a while..

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friend of mine did it in china, lived there for 18 months. if you refuse a cigarette in china its like turning down a handshake, so he now smokes.

+ it changed his life, that was 4 years ago and now his landlord is chinese and he teaches chinese in SF and works with chinese children.


what im saying is it will prob really change the path of your life more then you think


its funny seeing a 6'3'' skinny irish kid spitting cantonese.

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i'm currently doing a cert.4 TESOL certificate with the aim of teaching in costa rica next year. i've been researching a lot of places and there really is work everywhere. imo opinion, i've been to indonesia 6 times and i wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of java. bali, lombok or sumbawa would be the best places to go (lifestyle wise)

if you haven't been to a third world country before the culture shock might get to you. a friend of mine went to vietnam and came home 36 hours later because they were constantly having panic attacks. sounds strange i know, but being in a completely different environment can fuck with your head.

if you have a uni degree you can get paid good money in the middle east ($6000/month) with all your travel and accommodation paid for......but who wants to live in saudi arabia?

thailand and vietnam are places i'm definitely considering. i have friends who have taught in thailand and they reckon it's cruisy. short working days, cheap beer etc.

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Fruity, it's pretty difficult to get a teaching job. I know heaps and heaps of kids apply to those courses thinking it's a cheap way to get to see the world.

Job's are rare.

I'm sure you've done your research on the internet and with EAP's but what they won't tell you is the best way to secure a job is to travel to the country you wish to teach in 6 months before and approach the schools directly.

Let their recruiting department know you are going to join an agency that actively places foreign teachers in schools and you were wanting to get a feel for the schooling system before you arrive.


They will interpret this as a show of respect and it will really work in your favour.

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I was there 2 weeks ago, should be back in 2 i think.

If you're interested in going somewhere other than asia, my brother went and worked in south america for a while building houses for homeless kids, said it was the best thing he ever did.

He stayed with a host family who cooked his food and cleaned his clothes, then he went out and smashed it every night.

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i'm living in south america right now with my girlfriend who is teaching english.

she enjoys her work, but earns a shit wage.

in general, teaching english in south america sucks for money,

and i constantly hear that from every english teacher i meet here.


i've known several people who taught in japan and korea,

and are able to live well and still save a good amount of money.


but south america definitely has the leisures, conveniences, and charm you won't find in asia.

you can stay out drinking until the sun comes up. drugs are cheap and readily available.

graff wise, i've been bombing on the street in front of people and no one trips, at all.

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I have a friend who joined the air force and is stationed in japan, i'm envious of his experience so far so i think this is a good idea as well because i'm not inclined to join the military. also it seems like this thread is made every 8 months or so

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There's always teaching work going here in Beijing. You don't have to speak a word of Chinese and all you need is to have come from an English speaking country..., being white also helps. If you have a degree it helps you charge more money. Just get a tourist visa and give it a go. Getting work visas here is not an easy thing, though.


I taught for a year whilst I was studying here. Met some interesting people, could have pulled some pussy if I tried, but I already got me a little monkey girl of my own. More interesting if you get in to corporate teaching as I did, 1 on 1 tutoring aint my gig.

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Sorry, but 5fingermiscount is mistaken entirely. It's easy as shit to get jobs in northern Asia. Like christo-f said, you only really need a passport form an English speaking country and usually be a college graduate. I been doing this shit for 3 years. It's easy as hell in Asia anyway. Traveling there beforehand doesn't matter at all and the only reason they tend to like that is because you don't cost them the airfare to get there in the beginning. Which kinda robs you in the contract.

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Heaps of people come here for a year, enroll in Chinese language courses, which is not expensive, and teach English to get by. Live in share accommodation, drink, smoke, screw hot Chinese/Korean/Japanese girls and go home after a year with a decent amount of Chinese language and some good experiences.


I'd recommend it if you've got a year to fuck around with.


Might even be lucky and land yourself a real career job while you're here. Trust me, it happens quite a bit!

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I've been wanting to do this since i graduated, especially now that i'm jobless and the market doesn't seem to want me to work any sort of job that has potential for growth or reasonable earnings.


gasface or christo, how would either of you recommend starting going about this? Are there specific agencies that are worth checking out or did you just start contacting random schools in areas you were interested in and go from there? If it makes any difference, i have a degree in English based studies,

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A degree in English based studies will be a pretty big boost.


Go to The Beijinger and check out their forums, I think they have a specific section on teaching English. Then you can just search from there as there is a fair bit of info on the net from those with experience. There are some rip off pit falls that you should be aware of and some people before us have fucked up and made some situations a bit tight. But a bit of reading and planning will ensure you understand the story before you take a plunge. Just keep in mind that coming from the US and also having a degree in English studies will really put you in a decent position. One uncomfortable question that has to be asked, though and I apologise for doing so, is are you white?


I came here first and went from there. The university suburb of Wudaokou is where a lot of start off work is as people look for expat students that are studying Chinese to work 1 on 1 and you just go from there. A few boozy nights in the bars of Wu will also get you acquainted with enough people to start a network and make contacts of people already doing it. After you've been here a little while most things go by the way of contacts and referrals.


Have a read on line first to get the basic low down and any questions regarding Beijing you have after that fire off to me and I will do my best.

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At first I went through a recruiter so I didn't have to fear getting boned by some fly by night school 8000 miles away. They set me up with a decent first time job and it really helped me avoid lots of pitfalls others have experienced. (i.e.- not getting paid, shitty housing, unpaid overtime and basic shittiness that they will try and pass off as cultural differences when in reality the shit is basic theft or dickheadedness.)


After that, if you are still liking it you can peel through the forums on whatever site that deals with your chosen country and find yourself a better job that you can do an in person interview with or let the recruiter set you up again. The one I went through hooks you up with priority placement after you complete one contract successfully. But, it isn't hard to find jobs on your own usually and it's easier to negotiate your contract that way too.


It's a wonderful experience as long as you research your potential job by emailing people who work there and reading forums to see if they screwed anyone over in the past. Legal systems are not set up to benefit anyone in Asia in civil matters at all. So preventing yourself from getting ripped off or screwed over is indeed the way to go especially if you don't speak the language.


Read online. Find salary ranges and benefit averages and such and deicide on your own. Asia is more or less the best paying place you can do this shit without a masters degree or some specialization in English teaching.


Asian girls are cute as fuck as well.

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i've been researching this for the past few weeks myself. researching tesol/tefl certs.

i've only got an associates, but my wife is working on her masters, so hopefully as a team we can get jobs to do this.


otherwise, she'll do that and i'll bartend or cook or something.

costa rica is the plan.

but thats atleast 18 months off til i'm out the army.

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