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You as a kid?

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As corny as this is, I wanna know how other people felt about themselves when they were a younger kid, or what they were like. I've been looking back a lot lately for some reason (could be because my 16th birthday is coming up) and I noticed how weird of a kid I always was.


From the age of 5-10 I was a kid who was obsessed with Egypt, Archaeology, Funk/Disco/Jazz music and liked dark/offbeat stuff. I sat around and watched stuff like Invader Zim and though Daft Punk was amazing. I was always quiet and hung around my mom a ton. Never really wanted to go anywhere without her.


10-11 I went through a phase where I wanted everything sonic the hedgehog and decided I wanted to compose music for Sonic Team when I grew up.


12-13 Anime phase. Always liked Anime but I went completely Weeaboo. Not gonna go into much detail.


13.5-15 Sprouted hips and such, became more opinionated. That's really it I guess.


tl;dr. sorry

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Ive grown up in a do it yourself family cause we didnt have much money. As a kid I was very crafty when it came to making things. I loved geology. I used to chisel away at any rock I could find in the yard. My family always went on trips everywhere and I would collect some of the dumbest crap but...it meant a lot to me. My first video game system was the nintendo and I got that when PlayStation first came out....needless to say I never had video games growing up.Id always take things apart...Id destroy anything considered trash...I dunno I was a kid damnit.


and Im 24

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haha cali.... i just read your compliment from earlier!


i know....thats enough to get me arrested in 38 states.

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