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Kid Books

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Everyone on here knows how to read. This thread is for you guys to remember all those books from back in the day when you just started to read that were/are awesome. It's crazy how much more you remember when you think about it for a minute.


Of course you have your Dr. Seuss Books


And this guy:


And others:





I think it'd be interesting to see what different people read as kids and if you didn't read you might've gotten read to and if that didn't happen then this thread isn't for you. So, think back to the good ole days of naps and playing guns and whatnot and post up.

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The Giving Tree, Caps for Sale, Goodnight Moon, Harold and the Purple Crayon were all books I enjoyed reading with my child when he was younger. The Phantom Tollbooth stands out amongst the ones I have read to him lately as being top notch.

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I really need to read this stuff again, these characters are hilarious








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I am going to totally nerd out

on all of this kid book stuff.

Because I was a total nerd (possibly stll nerdy)

when I was a kid and antisocial.

So I read a lot.





I didnt really like arthur books.

But I remember them always being at

the doctor's office or at the dentist, or orphanages.



When I first came to live with my grandma

she had this beauty at her house.

When I think about it I actually cant recall

her ever really reading a book herself...but

she had this and I tried to read it but was too

stupid to do so. I just looked at the pictures.



She also had this one.

I remember liking it because of the nun.



My aunt use to read this to me.



She and her daughter also use to read these

poems to us.




Clifford and curious george where teeny kid favs.



I always wonder if that saying

'if you give a mouse a cookie'

came from this book or not.




Kid chapters.


If you were the human version of this book

you would get ladies all the time.







I am a big ol' baby when it comes to charlotte.



Louis is bananas for thinking 11-12 year olds can

understand this mess. I had to read it again

when I was 14 for it to really sink in.



Roald dahl was my favorite author growing

up so I read most of his books.

All of them are great but this one is my favorite.





This bad boy made me shed a couple of tears as well.

Actually a lot of these books made me get all boo hoo.

I was a pretty emotional kid I guess.







I also remember really liking pippi and ramona


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the hungry hungry caterpillar!!!






cant seem to think of others at the moment...i thank my mom so much for reading to me as a kid. i love her so much

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oh shit these guys were awesome

and these guys too


and who could forget good ol calvin and hobbes (even though that was more of a comicstrip)


and im not sorry about the size

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Load of redwall books. Harry Potter. Hardy boys. Famous 5. A bit of Terry Prachet because of my brother reading it, even though I hadnt a fucking clue what it was about.

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love calvin & hobbes, but dont even know if it could be called a kids book - it is legend


lots of philosophy & wit that some kid at the age of reading green eggs & ham couldnt appreciate


either way, its the shit

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